LOFTEK Outdoor/Indoor Rechargeable LED Light review

October 25, 2015 - table lamp


Lighting in and around your home is unequivocally important.  It’s indispensable for ambient lighting, for charge lighting, and infrequently only as an engaging accent to supplement a tiny light and color.  LOFTEK creates a array of lights that can be used as accent lighting indoors or outdoors.  The lights are accessible in a accumulation of sizes and shapes; some of them are even vast adequate and stout adequate to use as furniture.  I was comparison to give a closer demeanour during a LOFTEK Outdoor/Indoor Rechargeable LED Light when they sent one to The Gadgeteer.


The LOFTEK lights were accessible in cubes and spheres during a time LOFTEK had one sent to me from Amazon.  I see they also have fungus and pyramid-shaped lamps during Amazon now.  All a lights should duty a same for accent lighting, yet a figure can establish a other uses.

All a lights are done of a frosted white plastic.  The hardness done it a tiny formidable to get a sharply-focused picture.  The cosmetic is strong; LOFTEK states that a lamps can support adult to 300 pounds.  I perceived a 8″ cube, so I’m not certain it would be gentle seating for anyone other than children, though.  The bigger cubes could positively be used as low stools or tables.

I found a bit some-more information about these lights during a LOFTEK site.  The lights are entirely waterproof, so they are protected to use around a pool.  LOFTEK says we can even boyant a spheres in a pool.  They have LEDs, that furnish light with minimal heat.  They have an inner rechargeable battery, or we can use them while they are plugged into a wall outlet.


Tech specs for a 8″ brick are:

  • Power Consumption: 1.7W
  • Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC 4.2V 800mA
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Color: 4 categorical RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue and White). Total 16 opposite tone tones.
  • Flash Modes: Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth.
  • Brightness control and speed control
  • Waterproof/IP Rating: Cube:IP44 / Ball:IP65
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Working time: 6-12 hours
  • Size: 7.87″ X 7.87″ X 7.87″
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds


The LOFTEK Cube came with a energy supply to recharge a battery and an instruction sheet.  The instruction piece seemed to be for an progressing chronicle of a Cube.  It had opposite instructions for branch on a lamp, and it didn’t discuss a energy switch on a bottom of a Cube.  However, handling a Cube was unequivocally easy to figure out.


The Cube came with a credit card-sized remote control.  You can spin a energy on or off, boost or diminution a brightness, change a color, and name flashing, strobing, and tone change style.


The bottom of a brick has 4 molded-in feet.  There’s a silicone cover over a energy hollow for waterproofness.  The red symbol is a energy button.

I charged adult a flare before perplexing it out.


Although a settled distance is 8″, we can see a one we perceived isn’t that large.  LOFTEK settled it during 20cm, that translates to 7.87″, yet cave didn’t magnitude most some-more than 7.5″.  That tiny bit of disproportion didn’t matter; it still worked ideally good as an accent light.


I attempted it out indoors.  I incited a white light on and took a design though regulating a peep on my camera.  You can see it’s not splendid adequate to examination by, yet it doesn’t explain to be a charge light.


I was means to simply change a colors regulating a enclosed remote.  Here’s a green.  While a flare itself seems to be brighter with a immature light than it was with a white light, a immature doesn’t light adult a surrounding area utterly as good as a white light did.  You can’t see my built valuables boxes as good with a immature light on as we could with a white light.  (The dual images were taken underneath a same ambient conditions, within only a integrate of mins of any other.)

I’ve enclosed a brief video of a Cube in involuntary color-changing mode.  Although we can change a liughtness when we have a light on steady, putting a flare into color-changing mode sets a liughtness during maximum.  Attempting to low a light takes it out of color-changing mode.  See it in movement here:  DSC_0168


I gave a LOFTEK Cube flare to my daughter.  I approaching she’d use it in her bedroom during college, yet her unit friends all desired it, too.  She motionless she’d leave it on a dining list in their living/dining room area.  She tells me they all adore a LOFTEK flare and use it all a time.  They only leave it plugged adult instead of regulating it off battery power.

I consider a LOFTEK lamps are unequivocally cute.  The tiny sizes seem a bit costly to me.  However, they are done of a same sturdy, weight-bearing cosmetic as a bigger ones that can be used as seating,  which explains some of a expense.  Rachel positively won’t have to worry that a LOFTEK will mangle easily, even if it should get knocked off a list accidentally.

If we have a bill for it, we consider a 16″ Cube and a integrate of 8″ Cubes would make a unequivocally cute, stout play list and chairs set for unequivocally immature children.  They’d adore a lights, and we wouldn’t have to worry about safety, since we could run them off battery energy during play time.  And they are waterproof, so we wouldn’t even have to worry about spills during break time or water-coloring time.

Source: The representation for this examination was supposing by LOFTEK. Please revisit their site for some-more info or Amazon to sequence one.

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