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December 12, 2014 - table lamp


Age • 36

Home • St. Louis

Family • Wife Stephanie; son, Logan, 2 months aged  

What he makes • Matt is a photographer and inlet artist, specializing in Missouri inlet photography and formulating naturally organic works of art from Missouri woods. He’s a owners of Missouri Nature Art. To strech him, call 314-662-4862 or email To perspective his items, revisit, and His equipment are also accessible during a Refind Room, 2525 South Brentwood Boulevard, and Patty Anne’s Exchange, 6022 Southwest Avenue.

Tell us about yourself. • we grew adult nearby Fenton and was surrounded by timberland and fields. we desired roaming around, that we consider grown my adore of inlet during an early age. we attended Meramec Community College where we warranted an associate of humanities in media communications. we worked many peculiar jobs though eventually found an event to try my artistic side during Creative Visions as an artist, formulating themed environments and robotic (animatronic) characters. we worked my approach adult to art director, and finished my bachelor of humanities in film prolongation during Webster University.

When did we start your company? • In 2006, we strictly combined my possess video and photography association as my full-time venture. we never looked back. we started exploring Missouri’s open lands utterly frequently holding cinema everywhere we went, and began to vaunt my photography during internal humanities and qualification shows. My photography has been published in Missouri Life Magazine, a Official Missouri Travel Guide and a River Hills Traveler.

When did we start formulating equipment from Missouri driftwood? • we came adult with a thought that framing my inlet photography in some vale logs competence apart my work from other photographers, and shortly other works from driftwood followed behind. we felt regulating driftwood and other healthy corner timber kept a genuine inlet feel to my work. 

Where do we find your driftwood? • we find piles of inundate waste along rivers in Missouri. I’ve gained accede with some parks to assistance mislay neglected debris, and we also have a good crony with some stream skill who lets me collect driftwood. we use timber that has depressed and from passed trees that need to be cut down.

How do we ready a driftwood? First, a timber gets spotless to mislay silt and dirt. Then, it has to be dried. Some tradition projects get kiln dusty if time is a factor. Depending on what a square will become, cutting, drilling, routering, gluing and sanding would be done. we always use some arrange of finish to preserve, strengthen and bedeck a wood. we never use stains and we always essay to keep a many healthy demeanour to a wood.

What do we make?  I make list lamps, building lamps, coffee tables, finish tables, shelves, clocks, pattern frames, bookends, napkin holders, booze bottle holders, coaster sets, candle holders, cloak racks and benches.

Where is your work space? • we have a emporium in my groundwork where many of a origination happens. we do my finish work and some incomparable projects in my garage emporium area.

What are your prices? • My lamps operation from $75 for a many simple pattern list flare to ceiling of $1,200. End tables and stands both operation from $200 to $400. Candle holders operation from $5 to $60, and my clocks operation from $50 to $120.

Do we have driftwood equipment in your home? • I’ve commissioned a driftwood vituperation heading down into a finished groundwork area. we also have some of my photography prints unresolved in several bedrooms of a residence as well.

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