Madison in 100 objects: Whad’ Ya Know theatre set

July 25, 2014 - table lamp

There are a lot of things we don’t see when listening to Michael Feldman’s “Whad’ Ya Know” radio show. Even unchanging listeners to a 29-year-old module can’t clarity announcer Sarah Nics’ consistent palm gestures as the uncover creates transitions .

You also don’t see a endearing garage-sale peculiarity set on a reduce turn of Monona Terrace where Feldman hosts his live two-hour comedy show, beamed to 155 open radio stations (48 others run an edited version).

There’s a orange Naugahyde dais where Feldman interviews assembly members as they group adult with phone-in guest to answer stupid questions for a possibility to win Wisconsin-made prizes. (One competitor recently wrote in to ask because he never got his llama manure.)

There’s a meagre pressed emu with headphones that sits subsequent to Feldman, and a pineapple-shaped lead list flare — before owned by Feldman’s mom — perched behind him.

With a $10 ticket, accessible from, we can also see a map from that Feldman draws his “Town of a Week,” a incidentally selected burg to be featured on a destiny show.

Tired of a dart alighting on Nebraska, Feldman cut detached a states and stranded them where he suspicion they should be. On Feldman’s map, Wisconsin is in southern California.

As a listener, we also don’t entirely feel a rapport a sometimes-acerbic Feldman has with his audience. That’s what creates being during “Whad’ Ya Know” so most improved than only listening to it.

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