Man charged in 2009 slaying of partner found in Little Calumet River

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Illinois State Police announced this afternoon that a male has been charged in a 2009 slaying of a lady whose physique was detected floating in a Little Calumet River weeks after she was reported missing.

Arika Nichelle Sims-Rentas, 36, of Dolton, was reported blank by her family on Apr 4, 2009 after her mom hadn’t talked to her for several days, pronounced police. 

Weeks after she was reported missing, a passerby contacted Dolton military and reported observant a physique in a bend of a Little Calumet River nearby West Sibley Boulevard and Wentworth Avenue in Dolton. The physique was identified as Sims-Rentas of a 3100 retard of West 38th Street in Chicago. 

An autospy dynamic Sims-Rentas died of strangulation, according to a Cook County medical examiner’s office.

An review by a Illinois State Police Cold Case Squad suggested that Sims-Rentas was with a boyfriend, Tyrik Knight, now 31, before she was reported missing, and found blood from Sims-Rentas in a unit where Knight was vital during a time of killing, prosecutors pronounced today.

Knight was charged with first-degree murder and seemed during bond justice this morning. Markham Branch Court Judge Darren Bowden systematic Knight hold in lieu of $750,000 bail, pronounced Cook County state’s profession mouthpiece Tandra Simonton.

A crony saw Sims-Rentas nearby her mother’s residence in a 6600 retard of South Evans Avenue a afternoon she left Mar 26, 2009, prosecutors said. Sims-Rentas was on a dungeon phone, vocalization to someone whose voice was shrill adequate over a phone for a crony to commend as Knight.

Sims-Rentas and Knight organised to accommodate so she could palm over some DVDs that belonged to Knight, and she afterwards hung up, a crony told investigators. After that evening, Sims-Rentas’ family and friends did not see her again, prosecutors said.

Sims-Rentas’ physique was found Apr 17, 2009, and on May 29, 2009, a male called in a tip to military observant that Sims-Rentas had been murdered in an unit where Knight had been staying in Chicago, and that blood from Sims-Rentas’ physique could be found in a runner in a apartment’s vital room, subsequent to a list and lamp.

At some indicate in their investigation, state military were means to pronounce to a lady who owns an unit in a initial retard of East 61st Street, where Knight was vital during a time Sims-Rentas died, prosecutors said. The lady told investigators that Knight was a father of her children, and that Knight had been vital in an unit she owned, while she lived with her mom in Riverdale, and that usually she and Knight had entrance to a unit during that time.

The lady concluded to let state military hunt a apartment, and when she told Knight they were going to hunt it, he told her not to let them, prosecutors said.

Knight was arrested in Aug 2012 in Riverdale on charges of aggravated battery with a firearm, and systematic hold in Cook County Jail lieu of $500,000 bail–a assign he’s still available hearing for, according to annals and prosecutors. When investigators probing Sims-Rentas’ murdering interviewed Knight Aug. 24, 2012, Knight denied Sims-Rentas had ever been to a unit he lived in on 61st Street, and pronounced he had organised to get a DVDs he wanted from Sims-Rentas by another crony who was to collect them adult from Sims-Rentas, prosecutors said.

When prosecutors interviewed that friend, a crony reliable a assembly with Knight had been organised for Mar 29, 2009, though that when a crony went to Knight’s unit about 11 p.m. that evening, no one was there, prosecutors said. And a crony pronounced Knight had never mentioned removing a DVDs from Sims-Rentas.

Prosecutors were means to get Knight and Sims-Rentas’ phone records, that reliable a dual had oral a day Sims-Rentas disappeared. And a final time Sims-Rentas phone was operating, it was nearby Phoenix, Illinois, nearby where her physique was after found.

During their investigation, state military also were means to lane down a declare who pronounced Knight had told him, many expected someday in mid-2011, that he had killed his girlfriend, and dumped her physique in a pool in Dolton, prosecutors said.

On Oct. 1, 2012, state military searched a unit and found traces of blood that after were identified by DNA contrast as being from Sims-Rentas, prosecutors said.

Knight was arrested in Sims-Rentas’ murdering during Cook County Jail on Monday, according to justice records.

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