Man Shoots Lamp

January 24, 2016 - table lamp

What do we get when we brew together all of a things that we can get for inexpensive over eBay with a bit of creativity and some PVC pipe? [Austiwawa] gets a list lamp, remote-controlled by a fondle gun, that turns off and falls over when we fire it. You’ve got to watch a video next a break.

This isn’t a technical hack. Rather it’s a artistic use of a garland of simply accessible parts, with a small slicing here and snipping there to make it work. For instance, [Austiwawa] took a remote control sender and receiver span true off a shelve and soldered some wires to extend a LED and fit it inside a fondle gun. A send procedure controls a lamp, and plugs true into a Arduino that’s behind everything. Plug and play.

Which is not to contend a flare lacks finesse. We generally like a screw used as an end-of-travel stop for a servo motor, and a easily built servo joint done from dual Ls. And we can’t kick a fall-over-dead effect. Or can you? Seriously, though, good plan [Austiwawa]!

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