Meet a Designer: Raleigh’s Sally Williams

March 19, 2015 - table lamp

Sally Williams

Colorful Concepts Interior Design, Raleigh

919-846-8281 or

My settlement signature: Incorporating strange art and excellent craftsmanship in a many forms to emanate a one-of-a-kind space.

Best $100 taste refresher: Add soothing accent lighting to several rooms. Try an uplight placed during a bottom of a high plant; or, a Lutron plug-in dimmer that can lay on a list beside a flare it will control. Or supplement dimmers to existent switches to tinge down splendid beyond lighting. You will be astounded by how most some-more comfortable and mouth-watering your home will feel with softer lighting during usually a right times.

My favorite room: The vital room in my final home. The low blue walls (a tradition color) were immediately enveloping and relaxing, while also beautifully showcasing a hand-embossed leather chairs and tables that respect my Peruvian heritage. The bottom of a building flare is lonesome with inlaid mother-of-pearl – that we joked was a “Magic Lamp” that one usually indispensable to massage and your wish would come true. The mosaic pottery is from Mexico.

What we schooled (about) settlement a tough way: Good installers will generally cost more, and they are value their weight in gold. That goes for tile installers, window diagnosis installers, timber flooring installers, and all your home alleviation professionals.

My best discount taste find: we found (on several occasions!) inexpensive-but-fabulous musical pillows during Stein Mart, to go along with a custom-made duvet cover and shams. The colors and sizes were a ideal element to a shaggy settlement and immature tones of a tradition bedding collection.

My favorite find: A plain timber oval cocktail table, domestic in New York. With a tip of Kumbuk timber and a bottom of Acacia, a Ellipse list by Tucker Robbins was ideal for this vital room.

Always in style: Original pattern – any medium, any size, any style. A vast matter piece, or a tiny work sitting proudly on a tabletop easel. Don’t worry about a tone or character relating your furnishings or décor. Original art creates a matter all a possess and adds another fanciful settlement covering to any space.

Design breakthrough we wish to see retired: Ivy on tip of kitchen cabinets or tucked into bookshelves – a tired, dust-catching look.

Bedspread, quilt or duvet? Duvet. we adore a coherence of slipping inserts of opposite weights in and out of a cover seasonally. we also like a duvet’s feathery look, and a palliate of creation a bed by pulling adult a duvet and insert during once, rather than several layers of blankets and bedspread. Plus, for really cold continue we can covering a sweeping underneath if needed.

Next plan during a Williams house: My subsequent plan is to find a house. We sole a home final year (the initial day it was on a market!) and changed to an unit in sequence to take a time anticipating a subsequent home. We are acid for one with a first-floor master bedroom. Determined to have a categorical building as “accessible” as possible, it’s expected that we will have to reinstate existent doors on a categorical turn with 32- to 36-inch-wide ones. We will keep this in mind as we search, to safeguard that it can be accomplished. Undoubtedly, a subsequent home will need utterly a bit of additional settlement work, though we have no thought what that will be yet.

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