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Keith McCullough is zero if not committed. “For improved or worse, I’ll die here,” he says in anxiety to Hedgeye Risk Management, a eccentric investment investigate organisation he founded in 2008. “Sink or swim, that’s what we have.”

McCullough sees himself as fighting for a tiny man over confirmed interests. He tends to report his Stamford, Connecticut-based firm, that sells investment recommendation to institutions and individuals, in repugnant terms: opposite normal Wall Street research, opposite financial media, opposite flattering many each marketplace pundit.

In turn, McCullough attracts antagonism. A former sidestep account manager, he is mostly famous in certain segments of a financial media for his amicable media feuds with certain segments of a financial media: CNBC’s Jim Cramer and Steve Liesman, their former co-worker Ron Insana, blog ZeroHedge, Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, sidestep account manager Doug Kass and prospective-customer-turned-critic Carmine Pirone, to name a few. (The quarrel with Pirone escalated to a indicate where McCullough sued him for defamation.)

Through it all, McCullough has been called a self-promoter, a fraud, a charlatan and a P.T. Barnum of finance. But he’s assured that he’s right, and that his critics are some mixed of passed wrong and jealous.

It’s that self-assurance — along with McCullough’s disappointment with CNBC, where he used to be a visit guest — that led him to concentration on building his possess ways to “tell a law initial in a many fit formats.”

Hedgeye now has an online video channel directed during particular investors, and has hired producers divided from CNBC to run it. An tusk of work a association has been doing given 2010, a videos’ mixed of mass-audience interest and high-level sources, McCullough says, “is a ESPN’ing of finance.”

The Hedgeye CEO likens a company’s proceed to that of Fox football commentator and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who explains plan on camera for a mass audience, afterwards in a remoteness of a locker room assumes a purpose of playmate and coach to stream players.

“I consider what we have is some-more that pro-to-pro, buy it or sell it” discourse with institutional clients, McCullough told The Huffington Post.

Polemics are partial of a seat during Hedgeye. Though many of a bureau looks like standard-issue Connecticut financial — where immature group in dress shirts and Vineyard Vines fleece vests lay during white desks and glance during mixed monitors — a space also includes a Republican-themed discussion room finish with bar chairs, a cowhide ottoman, an antler chandelier, a silver-plated AK-47 list flare and portraits of GOP leaders from Lincoln to Nixon. (There’s a Democrat room as well.)

The tinge of a firm’s investigate is ardent and conversational. The morning investigate note is substantially alone in a courtesy in mixing Bayesian analysis, hashtags like #globalslowing and #deflation and image macro memes. And Hedgeye is expected a customarily investigate organisation that employs a possess cartoonist.


A Hedgeye animation on descending U.S. supervision bond yields.

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A Hedgeye draft display U.S. utilities’ opening opposite a SP 500 in 2014.

Those who watch Hedgeye’s video channel or compensate to allow to a investigate won’t hear a recommendation many sell investors need. They won’t get someone quietly and low revelation them to trade less, omit flattering many all short-term investing recommendation and usually buy low-cost index funds. Instead, McCullough thinks it’s his pursuit to tell sell investors who trade frequently how to do it better, and to assistance institutions boost investment returns.

“We’ve branded ourselves as being Mac contra PC,” McCullough says. The PC in his analogy stands for both normal Wall Street research, that he calls “conflicted, compromised and constrained,” and a financial media. Hedgeye is a Mac.

The categorical thing that attracts people to Hedgeye, though, is McCullough himself.

Talking with McCullough, it’s transparent he enjoys being a Twitter pugilist.

“Yeah, we led Yale in points. But we also led Yale in chastisement minutes,” he says, referencing a days when he was a captain of his college hockey team. “That’s who we am.” He’s enterprising and direct, spasmodic shouting boisterously during his possess jokes and insights.

An equity sidestep account manager who has a unequivocally tiny tenure interest in Hedgeye described McCullough somewhat differently.

“He’s bombastic, though it’s tactical. He’s doing it to get courtesy for Hedgeye, and hopefully that leads to some-more subscriptions,” pronounced a investor, who asked to sojourn anonymous. Two other sidestep supports and a seed account 500 Startups also have tiny stakes in a company.

McCullough thinks Hedgeye’s critics in a financial media disremember his ability to attract subscribers and speak to large players. That’s given a critics customarily come opposite Hedgeye by “our categorical selling channel,” Twitter, where they confront McCullough during his many antagonistic.

“Sometimes when I’m on a ice punching you, we demeanour a tiny some-more like a chairman that they wish me to be, that is usually another fibbing Wall Street scumbag, that is false,” he says, adding that investors who get to know him find out he’s “self-effacing to a fault.”

Even if that’s true, McCullough positively isn’t bashful when he thinks he’s right.

“Investigative investigate and inquisitive journalism, what’s a difference? We’re perplexing to get to a same point,” he says, comparing Hedgeye’s assertive brief calls opposite appetite companies Kinder Morgan and Linn Energy to Ida Tarbell’s electioneer against Standard Oil. Though Kinder Morgan batch is adult about 16 percent given Hedgeye’s bearish call in Sep 2013, a gamble opposite Linn has worked out improved for McCullough. Linn is down about 70 percent given Hedgeye’s Mar 2013 brief call on a behind of an SEC review into a company’s accounting practices.

McCullough is also unapproachable of his prophetic call progressing in 2014 that bond yields would fall, a prophecy that was out of a mainstream during a time.

He has had large misses too. In 2010, he predicted that a Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing module could, over an uncertain duration of time, lead to a fall of a U.S. economy. So far, of course, it has not. A close analysis of his 2013 recommendations showed that if you’d traded customarily on Hedgeye’s suggestions, we would have done usually 0.3382 percent. In contrast, a SP 500 was adult 31 percent that year.

But McCullough says his buy and sell signals shouldn’t be used to emanate a portfolio.

The portfolio he now recommends is 52 percent in income and usually 6 percent stocks, an item allocation that goes over regressive and into domain a financial doomsday prepper would appreciate. But even that’s not McCullough during his many extreme: In 2012, he endorsed a 100 percent income portfolio.

The Hedgeye CEO is unruffled by critique about a peculiarity of his product or how he presents it. He believes he has always accurately represented Hedgeye. “We have never pronounced we are a sidestep fund,” he says in response to allegations that denunciation in his real-time warning product implied he was creation trades, rather than recommending them. “I’m fundamentally a publisher of a buy-side,” he adds.

Independent investigate is a business that has always seemed roughly on a verge of being about to mangle through, though it’s never unequivocally been means to stick. McCullough thinks Hedgeye’s brew of single-stock research, macroeconomic investigate and daily alerts can be different. “There’s no tip to this, in terms of a ability to grow content,” he says.

Hedgeye now has 23 analysts and 57 employees in total. The association says revenues grew about 25 percent to some-more than $12 million final year. McCullough sees those dollars as a clearance of his views.

Hedgeye has hired an executive recruiting organisation to assistance attract new hires, and McCullough says his association has no problem luring in talent. Perhaps, he says, that’s given “we’re in Stamford, so we’re kind of a customarily diversion in town.”

Though Stamford is plentiful with sidestep funds, McCullough doesn’t seem to consider he has many foe in building a ESPN of financial — a indicate he creates with a anxiety to sidestep account hulk Citadel and college hockey.

“If a captain of Cornell, who’s inaugurated by his teammates, was using income during Citadel and motionless to open adult Hedgeye II, that would be my initial unequivocally applicable competition.”

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