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August 20, 2014 - table lamp

He never lingers all that distant divided from a surface, even 49 months after his passing. Sometimes, it seems like a Yankees ought to emanate a cosmetic bracelet alongside their other iconic stand-bys, a interlocking “NY” and a pinstripes, a bracelets etched with 4 letters: “WWGD.”

As in: “What Would George Do?”

It is a mantra generally applicable when a Yankees find themselves in times of trouble, and generally now, when misty, water-colored memories tend to reinstate a tangible record when it comes to Steinbrenner — and with a Yankees descending ever deeper into trouble, interjection to Tuesday’s 7-4 detriment to a Astros.

And clearly, there is no male defence to a yank of Steinbrenner’s latter-day persona as a demanding-but-benevolent despot.

“I consider he’d be undone with a inconsistencies of a club,” Joe Girardi pronounced a other night, asked how The Boss would have judged a deteriorate so far, so there was a Yankees manager radically fasten a carol of WWGD, whose refrain mostly wonders if a bad male would be a small nervous in repose, given a increasingly really genuine probability that a Yankees competence skip a playoffs a second true year.

Well, here’s one guarantee:

Losing to a low-payroll, low-octane, low-expectation Astros like this wouldn’t have sat well. In truth, even in his many studious years, losing to lousy teams sat with The Boss about as good as losing to a Mets or a Red Sox. And those responses were always back-page gold.


Yes. This would be fun.

WWGD? Look, in fairness, even when The Boss had his fastest fastball — say, a emergence of his initial champions in 1977 by a eve of his dynasty in 2000 — he wasn’t always what we remember him to be. Three examples:

He would gangling no shortcoming in a office of titles

Remember: Steinbrenner substantially cost his group a playoffs in 1988 by refusing to mangle ranks with his collusive partners and pointer Jack Morris when he was unfortunate to be a Yankee. And in 1996, he scarcely mislaid David Cone since he panicked when fans didn’t lapse in droves from a strike.

He wouldn’t have stood for ball slamming his star actor

You listened this a lot final year during this time, as a Yankees stood idly by and let a universe whack Alex Rodriguez, definition there are a lot of Yankees fans too immature to remember these dual words: Howard Spira.

Heads would have already rolled!!

Steinbrenner could be a whimsical owner, yet those years mostly featured a usually dangerous dipsomaniac (Billy Martin), a immature rookie (Lou Piniella), a GM behaving as a manager (Gene Michael), overmatched good guys (Bucky Dent, Stump Merrill), an dissident grump (Dallas Green). The fact is he had 3 managers in a final 20 years of his stewardship. The Mets had 7 in those years. So did a Red Sox.

That said: Would George Steinbrenner, circa 1985 or so, be happy a Yankees now route a Orioles by 8 ¹/₂ games in a East, and are 4 behind Seattle in a furious card? No. Would he have been as ease as his son, Hal, when a Young Boss announced in Baltimore a other day: “They’ve got to step it adult and they know it.”

No. Vintage George would have combined this: “It’s adult to Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman to see us to a finish here.” And it substantially wouldn’t be an emanate if attack manager Kevin Long should be in trouble, since Vintage George would have dismissed him LAST year (and substantially rehired him this May, and re-fired him in July).

Coaches always did have a shelf life of divert left too prolonged on a list underneath VG. And so did GMs. Cashman would be a one underneath a inquire flare now.


Yes, what competence be many fascinating to contemplate is what VG would’ve suspicion of Derek Jeter’s farewell tour. Remember, a final time he sparred with an idol (following in a unapproachable tradition of Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield and Don Mattingly) was in 2003, when he suggested Jeter competence have been enjoying one too many final calls. That finished adult with a dual co-starring in a Visa blurb (though not scarcely as fun as a aged George and Billy Miller Lite ad).

“Derek will have a rest of his life to suffer retirement,” VG competence chide, “but he still has a shortcoming to a Yankees. He needs to remember that.”

The rest? Well, there is always this quote: “We are a Yankees. When we don’t win a World Series, it is a sour beating and not a successful year.”

That wasn’t George Steinbrenner. That was Randy Levine, rather famously, in 2011. Maybe he isn’t a title magnet. The flamboyance competence be missing. But a suggestion lingers. And as another dull Oct lurks, it festers.

source ⦿ http://nypost.com/2014/08/19/wwgd-what-would-george-do/

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