More Bill Cosby shows canceled in light of sex allegations

November 21, 2014 - table lamp

As Bill Cosby’s standup debate crumbled with shows canceled in 6 states, a embattled hostess took to a theatre Friday in Florida to a hire acclaim during a sold-out show.

Performances in Oklahoma, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, South Carolina and Washington State, though, were called off as some-more women come brazen accusing a hostess of intimately assaulting them many years ago.

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Julie Lemaitre protests outward a Maxwell C. King Center for a Performing Arts in Melbourne, Fla., before Bill Cosby's opening Friday night. Lemaitre, 47, of Rockledge, Florida, pronounced she protested usually to have a participation and try to contend to people during Friday's uncover

The executive of The Broadway Center in Tacoma, Washington, pronounced Friday that it has canceled Cosby’s Apr 18 entrance since it conflicts with a nonprofit organization’s goal “to strengthen a community’s amicable fabric by building empathy, furthering preparation and pity joy.”

“We were not assured in a ability to accommodate those objectives by move with Mr. Cosby’s performance,” David Fischer said.

Cosby’s counsel has pronounced claims by 4 women are untrue; a matter from Cosby on Sunday discharged many of a others as “decade-old, discredited allegations.”

A sold-out uncover in Melbourne, Florida, Friday night went on as planned. The 77-year-old comedian, wearing load pants and a shirt that pronounced “Hello Friend,” took a theatre to a hire acclaim and shrill applause. One chairman shouted, “We adore you, Bill.”

Outside a theater, usually one protester could be found. She hold a pointer that read, “Rape is no joke.”

Julie Lemaitre, 47, of Rockledge, Florida, pronounced she was there usually to have a participation and to try to contend to people attending “think about what you’re doing.”

Cosby’s producers pronounced during slightest 28 other shows sojourn on his report by May 2015.

But officials during a Treasure Island hotel and casino on a Las Vegas frame pronounced Friday they jointly concluded with a comedian to cancel his Nov. 28 performance. No reason was given by a Diamond Desert casino in Tucson, Arizona, for canceling his Feb. 15 show.

Two other appearances, scheduled for Apr in Champaign, Illinois, also were called off Friday, as were Feb shows in Reno, Nevada, and in Florence, South Carolina, a Jan uncover during a Choctaw Casino Resort in Oklahoma.

A few fans in Florida, though, pronounced they were during a Maxwell C. King Center For The Performing Arts to see good comedy and that a accusations didn’t change them.

“Let them infer it. It’s aged accusations,” pronounced Paul Palmieri, 47, of Melbourne, who pronounced he was prepared to see “the aristocrat of comedy.”

Jim Millican, 67, of Cocoa, Florida, agreed.

“These women if they wish to settle it, they should settle it in court,” he said, observant that prosecutors didn’t move charges.

Still, projects on NBC and Netflix have been canceled, and TV Land motionless not to atmosphere reruns of “The Cosby Show” after new allegations by some-more than 6 women that Cosby intimately assaulted them after giving them pills many years ago.

Josette Tornabene, 24, of Melbourne pronounced she bought her sheet Friday for a uncover there, encouraged by a radio hire that was charity $1,000 to miscarry a performance. Before a show, an announcer warned that such a intrusion was possible.

“I wanted to see someone call him out,” she said. “I wish to see him be hold accountable.”

Some of a women accusing Cosby are going open again after primarily entrance brazen around 2005, when Andrea Constand filed a polite fit alleging that she was intimately assaulted by him. The Pennsylvania woman’s counsel pronounced other women were prepared to make identical claims, though a box was staid before trial.

Tamara Green, a California attorney, was among those who had concluded to testify. She after pronounced Cosby attempted to intimately attack her in her Los Angeles unit around 1970, when she was a indication and an determined actress.

She pronounced Cosby asked her to assistance him lift income to open a private dance club. When she got ill shortly after starting a project, she pronounced Cosby gave her dual pills that done her roughly remove consciousness, took her to her apartment, undressed her and afterwards took his garments off.

“I got unequivocally angry,” she told The Associated Press in an talk on Friday. She removed screaming and perplexing to mangle a window with a flare as she fought off Cosby’s advances. He eventually left, withdrawal dual $100 bills on her nightstand, she recalled.

“I consider that my blood vigour and my ire was gripping me from losing consciousness,” she said.

Another woman, Joan Tarshis, motionless to tell her story publicly for a initial time on Monday.

Now 66, Tarshis pronounced Cosby gave her drug-laced drinks twice in 1969, forcing her to perform a sex act a initial time and raping her a second time. She pronounced she told no one about this for decades, and usually motionless to go open when she review a Nov. 13 mainstay in The Washington Post by Barbara Bowman, who alleges she was unperceiving and raped by Cosby when she was 17.

“I indeed spoke with Barbara Bowman yesterday,” Tarshis told a AP on Friday. “It was great. Because she’s a chairman who understands what I’ve been through.”

Cosby’s member have broadly discharged a accusations. He has never been charged with any such crime. Cosby himself has consistently refused to criticism on it.

“We don’t answer that,” Cosby told a AP this month.




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