myLamp – 3D Printed Desk Lamp, Costs Only $10 to Make

July 22, 2014 - table lamp

mylamp-cordFinding useful things to 3D imitation can infrequently be a chore, among a immeasurable amounts of designs that are floating around a internet, it is tough to find objects that are some-more than only engaging to demeanour at. With a hundreds of thousdands of designs out there for 3D printable objects, coming adult with something to imitation that we could use on a daily basement should be easier.

One man, named Tyler Cunningham, satisfied this, and motionless to pattern and 3D print something he and others could get use out of. So what did he create? A singly designed, nonetheless really elementary to 3D imitation lamp, that he calls myLamp.


“I came adult with a thought while perplexing to build something indeed useful with my printer,” Cunningham told “I’ve been meddlesome in 3D printers for dual years, after building a Prusa i2. I’ve been bending ever since. After flourishing sleepy of copy a common tiny trinkets found on Thingiverse, we set out to pattern something we would indeed use and something on a somewhat incomparable scale. we looked around a residence for something we indispensable and finally staid on a tiny flare we had designed to squeeze for my daughters room.”

Instead of using to a store, and throwing down $100 or some-more to squeeze a flare that would be no opposite than any other flare in his house, Cunningham motionless to come adult with a pattern to 3D imitation his own.

mylamp-sideHe wanted a pattern to be as elementary as probable to 3D imitation and afterwards construct, so that anyone with a 3D printer could simply make one. myLamp measures 12.5″ tall, including a flare shade that is 5 3/4″ high and 5-5.4″ wide. The sum cost to 3D imitation and erect a lamp? An strange $10, that includes a cost of filament, a flare wiring kit, and a bulb. It takes approximately 12 hours to imitation (mostly for a flare shade, that is incomparable in volume).

He purchased a flare wiring pack during a home alleviation store, and used a LED bulb, given it produces really small heat. He offers dual apart versions of his flare shade, depending on a look  we are going for.

mylamp-onThis isn’t it though… Cunningham has skeleton of formulating some add-ons to change a demeanour and tallness of a lamp, so that users can configure it a approach they please. He’s also operative on some destiny projects that he might devise on offered during a after date. The myLamp pattern is accessible for giveaway on 3D copy pattern repository, Thingiverse.

What do we think? Would we like one of these lamps in your home? Would we cruise 3D copy it? Discuss in a myLamp forum thread on

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