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Don Johnson | Jul 17th, 2014

Bringing $300 during a auction was this Aladdinite paper shade, #681, for a Model 12 building lamp. NAALC photo.

Never put into production, this Aladdin antecedent flare with a steel bottom and a arise in immature potion sole during a auction for $1700. Leigh Spargur photo.

The high-selling lot in a auction was this Aladdin B-63 Short Lincoln Drape kerosene flare in transparent glass, that satisfied $4600. NAALC photo.

Made  usually in transparent glass, this Aladdin G-79 rooster list flare is a rarity. Circa 1936, it sole during a auction for $3900. NAALC photo.

In blue (left) and green, these Aladdin G-16 figurines sole during a auction for $4500 apiece. Examples in common colors move a tenth of that price. Leigh Spargur photo.

These 10 Aladdin finials in a Precision settlement sojourn uncut. They sole during a auction for $1500. Leigh Spargur photo.

The initial potion kerosene lamps done by Aladdin in Alexandria, Indiana, were vase lamps. The blue Art-Craft vase flare (left) sole during a auction for $750, while a black Venetian vase flare with a straw finish satisfied $700. NAALC photo.

In blue moonstone, this Short Lincoln Drape flare sole during a auction for $300. NAALC photo.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Nobody plainly pronounced so, though a proceed taken during a 42nd annual Gathering of a National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors (NAALC) competence have been this, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.”

That truth was many transparent during a NAALC’s auction, that had always been a members-only event. Membership competence have a privileges, even within a collectors’ club, though for a initial time in some-more than 4 decades, a doors were flung open to a NAALC auction, and a open was invited inside. It was a box of a NAALC doing something—right, wrong, or indifferent.

The convention, called a Gathering, was hold Jul 16-19 in Indianapolis. The pattern of a open auction, that took place on Jul 17, wasn’t usually to boost behest though also to deliver people to a NAALC. Consignments were still singular to bar members, who offering about 300 pieces, including kerosene and electric lamps, shades, and finials.

“We had fourteen off-the-street bidders,” pronounced Robert “Bob” Daniels of Princeville, Illinois, a organization’s president. Club officials were anticipating for more, generally with a cost of money a NAALC spent to publicize a event, though it wasn’t as if those 14 new bidders sat on their hands all day.

“One man spent 4 thousand dollars,” Daniels said.

Nonmembers paid a 5% buyer’s premium, that was waived for those in a NAALC. However, visitors could squeeze a $25 annual membership during a auction in sequence to get around a premium. (For all reported auction prices, no buyer’s reward is included.)

The altogether impact from outsiders competence not have been spectacular, though it combined to a sale’s sum of around $64,000. “That was a biggest auction in a final few years,” Daniels added. And yet, it was not a marketplace it used to be. “If this auction were hold 10 years ago, this would have been a hundred-thousand-dollar auction. That’s how most a market’s dropped,” he said.

The tip lot was an Aladdin B-63 transparent Short Lincoln Drape kerosene flare that sole for $4600. Only one selected instance in transparent potion is known, nonetheless reproductions abound, according to J.W. “Bill” Courter, who founded a NAALC and is a organization’s authority of a board. Short Lincoln Drape lamps in other colors can be straightforwardly found. Vintage examples in Alacite (ivory color) and red move about $500 to $600, according to Daniels. Clear is a monument for a Short Lincoln Drape since it wasn’t a prolongation color. “They used transparent potion to feverishness adult a mold. Then when they took a flare arise out of a mold, they routinely pennyless it,” he said. “This one went home.”

Color also was aristocrat when it came to dual Aladdin G-16 figurines, one green, a other blue. They sole for $4500 each. “It’s tone and scarcity,” Daniels pronounced of a price. “They’re really singular to be in those colors.” By comparison, a same figure in Alacite sells for about $400 to $500, while those in transparent or frosted typically sell for about $600 to $700, he noted.

Although a $4500 cost for a immature and blue figurines is a poignant jump from that of typical colors, it’s still a step down from what those pieces sole for in a new past. “Three years ago those same colors [green and blue] brought fifty-two hundred dollars apiece,” pronounced Daniels.

Scarcity was during play in a behest for an Aladdin G-79 rooster list lamp, that sole for $3900. The flare came usually in clear. “I usually know of maybe 8 to ten,” Daniels explained. “It was done in a ’30s in Alexandria.” Even here, a cost was down from chronological highs. “I have seen them sell for seven, 8 [thousand dollars],” he said.

A series of pivotal lots originated during a potion bureau during Alexandria, Indiana, including a antecedent Aladdin flare carrying a ribbed immature arise on a steel base. Never put in production, a flare sole for $1700. An untouched ring of 10 amber Precision finials, also done in Alexandria, sole for $1500. Collectors were meddlesome in a newness of carrying a finials still trustworthy to a strange ring from a mold. “Individually, those finials are value about one hundred bucks [each],” pronounced Daniels. It was a box of a whole being larger than a sum of a parts.

Other Aladdin equipment sole during a auction enclosed a blue Art-Craft vase flare during $750; black Venetian vase lamp, straw finish, $700; blue moonstone Short Lincoln Drape lamp, $300; and an early Aladdinite paper shade, #681, for a Model 12 building lamp, $300.

“There was something for everybody­—the experienced, a knowledgeable, a dedicated collector,” pronounced Courter. “The gourmet who wanted good peculiarity could find a good lamp. A play who wanted to buy for resale could buy.”

Throughout a day, a improved equipment generated interest. Common element was a harder sell. Most collectors attending a auction already owned a basics. They conjunction indispensable nor wanted amateur lamps and common parts.

Reserves were allowed, and those lots were clearly marked. Among a unsold equipment was a singular round cigarette box carrying a same ubiquitous pattern as a G-50 powder-dish lamp, with a figural lady seated on a top, disposition behind with her arms ancillary her. The cigarette box was rare, though it was also cracked. After a auction, it was offering during a annual uncover for $1400 by Tom and Carol Sauro of Syracuse, New York.

The show, hold Jul 18 and 19, was open to a open and featured about 150 tables run by 50 dealers from a United States, Canada, and England. Offeringmore than usually Aladdin lamps, a eventuality featured a accumulation of lighting from oil to electric. A series of lighting-related collectors’ clubs also set up.

Among a dealers was Dustin Dickmann of Dickmann Lighting Antiques, Greenville, Ohio. He personified a “Do something, even if it’s wrong” concept. At 32 years old, Dickmann was expected a youngest full-time play on a floor. His tour into a antiques business began with some-more of a pull than a nudge. Laid off from his job, Dickmann motionless he would try offered Victorian lighting. He and his wife, Chrissy, concluded they would give a examination 6 months, afterwards reevaluate. That was 5 and a half years ago.

“I felt like an alien when we initial started, though these people treated us so good,” he said, referring to a dealers during a show. The Dickmanns carried a accumulation of Victorian lighting. “People like miniatures, anything surprising or early,” he said. “A lot of it is formed on a wow factor, things people haven’t seen.”

Items in their counter ranged from a span of Loetz brace arise lamps with relating shades during $2000 to a figural owl tiny flare in strange paint during $995. Across a building a brew continued, with miniature, hanging, and Aladdin lamps all partial of a diversity that ranged from oil to neon.

Visitors were also acquire to crop a arrangement room, that featured some-more than 100 lamps that presented an overview of kerosene lighting from before, during, and after Aladdin’s arise to prominence.

The 43rd Gathering of a NAALC will be hold Jul 29 to Aug 1, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee. The classification will again open a auction to a public—an denote a examination in Indianapolis yielded certain results. As always, a uncover will also be open to those outward a club. For some-more information, revisit ( or phone Bob Daniels during (309) 258-9095.

Originally published in a Oct 2014 emanate of Maine Antique Digest. © 2014 Maine Antique Digest

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