Natural elements move new life to home decor

March 14, 2015 - table lamp

Mother Nature is once again moving home taste with a call of healthy elements. The soreness of timber and fibers so renouned in final year’s home furnishings has given approach to innumerable superb minerals.

“People are looking to inlet and natural-occurring art. There’s something alone profitable about nature-made objects,” says Jason Snider, stylist during Mecox Dallas.

Amethyst, pyrite, quartz, fluorite, calcite, malachite and agate or quartz geodes have been crafted into a accumulation of home accessories.

Mined from a earth, this value chest of fake elements adds visible seductiveness and hardness to interior design.

“You conclude a healthy occurring undulations and stroke of color, and a veins in a stone. It adds an additional covering of seductiveness in a vignette,” Snider says.

He suggests homeowners confederate these equipment into their homes as they would supplement strange art.

“Analyze it on a own, and find a approach to incorporate it. Give it honour of place. If something captures you, it will demeanour good in your home.”

Nancy Baldwin is a Plano freelance writer.


Wrap it up

Lucite napkin rings surfaced by fluorite, crystallized in a cubic shape, move healthy tone to a list setting. They can be total with rings set with other minerals. Set of four, $150 during Mecox, Dallas.

Hob knob

Geode knobs edged in coronet are only a thing for sauce adult a drawers of an armoire, cupboard or chest. No additional hardware is required. Sizes operation from 21/4 to 41/2 inches wide. $18 any during internal Anthropologie stores or

End to end

Variegated colors heed this set of bookends crafted from traces of quartz crystal, agate and amethyst. The minerals were performed from a inside of ancient lava streams. No dual sets are accurately alike. $250 during Nest, Dallas.

Time after time

Semiprecious, hand-polished agate with healthy variations in tone and settlement surrounds a turn time face. Each 5-inch time has a possess fabric easel. $100 during Madison, Dallas.

Coasters with style

Edged in 24-carat bullion or silver, these particular agate coasters are ideal for select parties or as marriage or stewardess gifts. $30-$40 during Nuvo, Dallas.

Natural light

Hand-polished agate is dangling in a core of this flare with chrome missile and black shade. 22 inches. Color and settlement might vary. $550 during Nest, Dallas and

Top coronet

The open, rectilinear bottom of this contemporary flare has coronet crossbars that support an equivalent amethyst. A hand-sewn fabric shade with a brass, rectilinear finial tops a lamp. $689 during IBB Design Fine Furnishings, Plano.

Magma appeal

The product of fast cooling magma from a volcanic plateau of Central Java, this square of hiddenite was hand-crafted into a distinguished sculpture. Sizes vary. $440 during Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams internal stores and

Magnificent in marble

Rough-edged, teal marble forms a stylish list flare surfaced by a rectangular, black shade. A healthy element, a marble’s tone might change from light immature to dim teal. 40 inches with a 3-way switch. $875 during Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams internal stores and

Onyx attraction

A set of stylish bookends, hand-crafted of onyx and discriminating into a complicated shape, mix functionality and style. The tone will operation from light immature to ivory with healthy brownish-red accents. $185 during Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams internal stores and

Rock star

The severe extraneous of this calcite geode is a sheer contrariety to a splendid clear formations inside. It can be interconnected with other geodes to emanate a colorful arrangement or used alone. No dual are alike, and shapes vary. $49.95 during internal Z Gallerie stores or

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