Navmii navigation app offers formation with what3words

December 2, 2015 - table lamp

What3words is a concept addressing complement that brings singular 3 word addresses to anywhere on a planet.

Highly populated cities humour from clarity issues in terms of address. For example, in London, UK, there are 8 opposite Lonsdale Roads. This can lead to difficulty and mistakes navigating to improper destinations.

The giveaway Navmii, navigation app, has announced that it has integrated a tellurian grid of what3words into a app. Each singular 3 word multiple gives addresses to 57 trillion grid squares on a planet.

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What3words has tangible each singular 3m x 3m block on a world by a singular 3 word residence that can be common quickly, simply and with no ambiguity.

Users can learn and navigate to areas but wanting an area code.

They can also go to where a postcode or zip formula is inaccurate, or approach friends and family to specific 3m x 3m assembly points.

Error checking ensures that if we form ‘table.chair.lamp’ as your grid instead of ‘chair.lamp.table’, a grid points will be on opposite continents to equivocate mistakes.

To use a what3words residence on Navmii, enter a 3 word residence into Navmii’s hunt bar.

To learn an residence plcae on a map, wizz in and daub on a preferred location.

You can now navigate to accurately a right opening during a venue or lane down your friends during a festival by pity only 3 simple, singular words.

What3words has recently sealed a $3.5m Series A appropriation turn led by Intel Capital, with Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures and several of a company’s strange angel investors.

The Navmii app is accessible for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry and is accessible to download in over 90 countries.

Travellers can entrance a app offline but a information connection. Maps and a what3words integration, are downloaded onto your mobile device

It is powered by a possess mapping information and real-time Navmii village updates, total with OpenStreetMaps to emanate pushing advice.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: “Consider Wembley Stadium and a countless entrances – a what3words formation means that if a Navmii user wants to accommodate friends during a south west side of a stadium, all they have to do is enter ‘mostly.scared.swing’ into a hunt bar and Navmii will take caring of a rest.”

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