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December 15, 2014 - table lamp

About 7 years ago, Harry Parker rolled a bones and took a possibility on following his passion – cooking.  He invested all of his 401k from scarcely 29 years of operative in a corporate universe and changed his family to St. Louis where he non-stop Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill in Creve Coeur.

Now Parker is bringing his successful N’Awlins Cajun seafood grill judgment to Edwardsville.  The Edwardsville plcae of Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill opens currently during 215 Harvard Drive that is located behind Buffalo Wild Wings.

Having grown adult in a low South, Parker gets his adore of New Orleans-style and Cajun Southern food naturally – from his family.  “Momma’s from New Orleans, and daddy’s from Mobile, Alabama,” Parker noted.  “I wasn’t indeed innate in New Orleans – a family is from there.  But I’m Southern innate and raised.”

But this Southern child didn’t take a normal track to being a restaurateur.  He warranted an engineering grade from N.C. State University, an MBA from The Wharton School of a University of Pennsylvania, and spent roughly 29 years with a DuPont association in Delaware.  The final 10 of those years was as a corporate officer.  “I did unequivocally well. we ran all a selling and sales for them, though my passion was cooking,” Parker explained.  “So we told my wife, one day we wish to possess my possess restaurant.”

When a time came that Parker was prepared to make a leap, he hired a grill plcae association to investigate where in a United States a New Orleans and Cajun seafood grill would thrive.  “Having an MBA, we wanted to do this by a numbers, we wanted to see where we’re going, and see a intensity for us to win,” Parker said.  “The plcae association pronounced that we consider a best place for a judgment is St .Louis, Missouri. So we changed here.”

“We came and kicked a tires on it, and we looked during a information and so forth,” Parker added.  “A lot of grill owners know that a passion for cooking has to be for cooking, though a business side of it – maybe locating a grill where all your friends and family are is not a best thing to do.  You have to demeanour during data.”

Nearly 7 years after opening a extravagantly successful Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill in Creve Coeur, Parker again incited to investigate and a grill plcae association to establish where a second plcae would succeed.   “We looked during data.  Everyone was so vehement observant – Edwardsville, Edwardsville – everybody is going there,” Parker said.  “We set a sights on Edwardsville roughly dual years ago.  The adore event with Edwardsville began afterwards since we started looking for a right place and since we unequivocally wanted to demeanour during a information and make sure.”

Once a plcae was set, Parker began a perfected assign of ironing out each fact for a Edwardsville location. “We wanted to reconstruct a whole New Orleans feel that is what we’ve finished here and in Creve Coeur,” he said.  “This grill and a menu will be a unequivocally same as over there (Creve Coeur).  Our live song and all will be a same as it is over there so it unequivocally is a Gulf Shores-Edwardsville.  We wish to replicate it right down to a building.”

An huge fish tank has turn a heading underline during a Creve Coeur grill that has been repetitious in Edwardsville too.   “It’s a 400 gallon salt H2O fish tank with a live coral embankment so when we travel in a doorway you’ll be greeted to this.  It is unbelievable,” Parker said.

The Gulf Shores Grill menu is utterly expanded and offers only about any and each form of seafood imaginable.  “The reason a menu is so vast is that we wish to be a legitimate seafood restaurant, though we also wish to be a legitimate Cajun grill so we have to have things like gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, frog legs, gator – we have to have all of those things,” Parker explained.  “But during a same time we have 7 opposite fish. You can get a fish prepared any approach we like, and we don’t assign additional.  If we like fried, we can have it fried.  Say we adore halibut.  You can come on Monday and have it Cajun sauteed, Tuesday we can have it blackened.  You can have it grilled, we can have it Cajun garlic, or we can have it baked or poached.  And we do that with all a seafood.  Our fish, a shrimp and a scallops.  Our seafood – we call it, “your way” and there’s no additional assign to have it your way.”

Parker also forked out that they emanate their possess homemade sauces, blended Cajun spices, salad dressings, and desserts.   “We make things tolerably sharp and afterwards if we wish to flog it adult we have your “Slap Your Momma” or  we have your “Punch Your Daddy” on a list to try,” Parker said. 

 There’s also daily specials like Crabby Mondays where we can buy a bruise of crab legs and get a half a bruise giveaway or Motown Tuesdays daily special of Cajun seafood lasagna and shrimp and grits.  

Hump Day Blues Wednesdays facilities daily specials of Cajun smashed crab nails and grilled uninformed oysters while N’awlins Thursdays underline etouffee, whoodoo gumbo, frog legs, boudin, and Cajun smashed crawfish tails.  Friday’s special is indifferent for a Chef’s Seafood Creation, and there’s also a daily lunch special Monday by Friday of tilapia “your way” served with your choice of dual sides for $9.99.

Live Motown song will fill a grill on Tuesdays and live blues song on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Visit Gulf Shores Facebook page or Web site during for some-more sum on specials and a live party schedule.  

A full bar is located only inside a front doorway and a vast square area is located on a side of a grill for those wanting to eat outside.  The square will be flashy with New Orleans-style flare posts and wrought iron railing, that Parker forked out will supplement to a New Orleans ambiance.  

When creation a preference of where to locate a second Gulf Shores Grill, Parker pronounced that he had specific criteria in mind for whichever city they would eventually confirm upon.  “We substantially could have left anywhere, though we wanted something that arrange of resembled or replicated Creve Coeur, in terms of how a city is managed, and a adore a people have for a city – I’m certain there’s lots of them, though we chose Edwardsville,” he said.  “We wanted to be a partial of a community. Restaurants that are embraced by a community, their possibility of presence is high.  And afterwards a other thing we wanted to do – like we’ve finished in a city of Creve Coeur – we wanted to adore a city back.”

Will there be a third Gulf Shores Grill in Parker’s future?  “A lot of this is still for a fun of it.  we only suffer bringing a kind of New Orleans dining to people, and people adore it,” Parker said.  “I don’t know if there will be a third restaurant.  This has been fun, though we don’t wish it to turn work.  we wish a passion for it and how we do it is what creates a many clarity to me.”   

Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill is scheduled to open currently during 11 a.m.

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