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February 16, 2017 - table lamp



“Even in outdoor space, a dark becomes a partial of we â€� Soldie Story Hobby proudly presents TRANSFORMERS G1 UNICRON Hot Rod Home Decor Light from Transformers a film 1986. Unicron is a prodigiously vast drudge whose scale reaches heavenly proportions, and he is also means to renovate into a automatic planet. Unicron’s start has stretched over a years from simply being a vast drudge to being a God of disharmony who devours realities. He mostly employs
the assistance of Decepticons in his work, and in some stories is deliberate partial of a start of a Decepticon forces. In a final duel of film , Hot Rod was means to get his hands on a
Autobot Matrix of Leadership, as a voice of Optimus Prime was listened saying, “Arise, Rodimus Prime”. The energy of a Matrix reformatted Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime, with a
larger body, deeper voice, and opposite car mode. Finally, It also broken Unicron’s body.


• UNICRON (/w Base) Approximately 26 inches high (L: 54cm, W: 50cm, H: 66cm)
• Hot Rod Approximately 6.5 inches tall.
• Hot Rod pure stand.
• Remote control LED lighting facilities : Head, Wings, Body, Arms, Legs Base. (3 levels light control)
• Over 73 LED Light.
• Remote control Transformers Logo Projector
• USB Power cable.
• ABS skeleton, high class poly-stone molded pure cosmetic light cover.
• Limited apportion production.
• Release : Q1 2017

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