Nine Inch Nails and Philip Glass Inspired My Mission Chinese Menu

September 18, 2014 - table lamp

Danny Bowien and we have a identical ambience in music. That’s something that we share that’s not unequivocally about food, that is nice, since Jean Adamson from Vinegar Hill House once told me, “Make certain we have some other hobby besides cooking, since when you’re doing this 90 hours a week, you’re going to be unequivocally unhappy if we don’t have anything else in your life.” It’s good advice, and we take it seriously.

I feel like that’s substantially a large reason since Danny and we are tight. When we have a crazy day, Danny will be like, “Let’s go check out this show.” He took a staff to a Nine Inch Nails uncover final year. we had no thought it was going to be so amazing—this debate in sold was all about a light show. Trent Reznor is a outrageous workaholic, and unequivocally most a perfectionist. There were all these strings of lights unresolved in several tools of a stage, in between rope members. Remember how behind in a day Nintendo had Virtual Boy, and we would wear these uncanny grey and red goggles—these shitty goggles that we put on your face though it’s kind of like you’re personification Pong or something in 3-D? That’s what it felt like during a show. we zoned out since it was strenuous my senses. But we was removing ideas for food, and I’ve never had that before.

When we saw Philip Glass on 9/11 this year, a same thing happened. It was set in dual parts, and a initial partial was Steve Reich. we theory their ensembles would play together years ago, and they were removing together for a initial time in 30 years. It was solemn, since a topics that a songs and compositions were about were mostly associated to 9/11, though we got super into Philip Glass’s performance. He had all of these xylophones and grand pianos set adult in front of any other, and a garb all took turns personification opposite instruments during a set.

Photos by Hilary Pollack.
The interior of a new Mission Chinese space. Photo by Hilary Pollack.

I became unequivocally enchanted by it. we know we was examination something visually, though it was apparently all about a sound. we spaced out and got all of these crazy ideas for new menu equipment for a new Mission Chinese, and how we can incorporate certain ingredients. we wish I’d had entrance to a small list flare we could only spin on and take notes—like a dream log, where we wish to write it all down before we forget. we know it sounds corny, though that partial of my head, a partial where we get food ideas from, is like that prodigy of doors opening, like if someone was on unusual mushrooms—that holy shit feeling. It was only function and rushing out of my brain.

We got keys to a new Mission Chinese space a week ago. For a build-out, we have to be accessible during business hours, and afterwards on a weekend we have to dedicate your artistic side and speak about menu development. If we have people or friends in there, it’s flattering moving for me to speak about my new ideas, and if I’m articulate to a cook or a crony or an artist we get some crazier concepts. Now we have a ill kitchen, that I’m super vehement about. At this new restaurant, we have entrance to a timber oven, that we adore since it ties things together for me as a chef. When we worked during Vinegar Hill House, we had a timber oven, and we did a lot of proteins and veggies in it there.

Angela Dimayuga in a new Mission Chinese space. Photo by Hilary Pollack.
Angela Dimayuga. Photo by Hilary Pollack.

During a Philip Glass show, we had this thought for regulating Sicilian olive oil, seasoned greens, and unequivocally good baby bok choy—little ones that are dual inches big, that are overwhelming since they’re flowing and juicy—or baby Chinese broccoli. I’d chuck them in a wood-fired oven with a small bit of salt, and get a burn on there, and afterwards do an aioli kind of thing. we do an aioli that’s egg-based, with maybe some white soy salsa that has a unequivocally good umami. It’s customarily only a neutral oil and egg yolk, though infrequently we chuck some seaweed in there—some aonori—and make it unequivocally splendid and green. I’d fist it on tip of a greens with a imagination egg salad. It would be unequivocally cold to plight unchanging duck eggs in beet pickling liquid, so a outward is splendid pink, a inside is white, and a yolk is a unequivocally colourful yellow. I’d abrade that over a greens with a aioli along with soy-pickled prolonged beans, that are unequivocally tainted though still have some heat, and only finish a plate with some good olive oil.

And that’s what we came home with after that extraordinary show. we can’ t trust it gave me so most cold impulse for food. we could suffer a song sitting in my chair, and my mind could only go off on other tangents. we got goosebumps afterwards! I’m still purgation over it.

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