Obelisks make forked decorating statements

March 4, 2016 - table lamp

Obelisks can be found all over a world, their roots dating to a ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. You can perspective staggering obelisks that were lifted to respect good leaders, while others were commissioned to communicate a clarity of sovereignty as a fact during a opening to a good house or a museum. In a nation’s capital, a Washington Monument reminds us that heroes are never to be forgotten.

In my work, we infrequently have used obelisks done of stone clear as a bases of lamps for finish tables in beautifully flashy vital rooms. When a lamplight shimmers down on a clear crypt mounted on a bottom of black onyx and gold, a outcome is striking.

I also have grouped rock-crystal obelisks of opposite sizes down a core of a dining list for a visually absolute centerpiece. The outcome could be done even some-more effective if we have cooking plates of excellent bone porcelain with an crypt settlement centered on their surface.

You mostly can find crystal, malachite and lapis obelisks in stores and boutiques where vegetable formations are sold. If we see a span we like, cruise them a inestimable purchase, as they can be used in competence applications. Because they’re a pattern classic, they work equally good in normal interiors and contemporary settings.

Place a span done of malachite on your mantelpiece, and you’ll have a demeanour that is thespian as good as colorful. I’ve seen collectors of malachite figurines and stone formations place vast crypt sculptures during their entryways. Those of we who have visited a Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia have seen malachite during a really finest. The Czars knew good how to emanate beauty with malachite and lapis.

For a garden room, an obelisk-shaped étagère with open shelving can be distinguished when used to arrangement plants and accessories. In other rooms, such an étagère competence reason appendage equipment — framed photographs, figurines and sculptures, both contemporary and period. The étagère’s figure will do double-duty in a pattern scheme, heading a eye roof — an generally good plan when a room has a reduce roof than we competence desire.

Such étagères can be done of an engaging steel — maybe glossy coronet or abounding immaculate steel — or of wood, with a shelves rising above bases with doors and drawers for storage.

If you’re looking for a new accent piece, obelisks can be found in all heights and sizes. Whether used as a bottom of a list lamp, a dining list emblem or a musical square to reason plants or print frames, an crypt will attract attention, for sure.


Palm Beacher Carleton Varney is boss of Dorothy Draper Co., an general pattern organisation with offices in New York, West Palm Beach, London and White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. Visit CarletonVarney.com or email him during cvarney@dorothydraper.com.

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