OLED Table Lamp Comes With A Built In Wireless Charger

August 12, 2015 - table lamp

Some of we guys competence have a tiny list flare by a side of your bed. Maybe we wish to do some reading before we sleep, or maybe it’s only for convenience, who knows? However if we wish a list flare that will do some-more than only irradiate your book pages or assistance we find your approach to a lavatory during night, Aerelight competence have something for you.

The association has recently introduced a A1 list lamp. This is a list flare that uses an OLED for illumination. It competence seem like an peculiar choice as distant as light are concerned, though during a same time it allows a association to build a list flare that is impossibly skinny and sleek. That and a fact that OLED produces a warmer light creates it easier to assistance we sleep.

aerelight a1At a bottom of a A1 flare is a built-in wireless charger. According to a company, it will play easily with possibly Qi or PMA devices, so if you’re disturbed about compatibility, don’t. The light also comes with hold controls in that users can adjust a brightness. Sounds flattering awesome, doesn’t it?

However it does not come cheap. The Aerelight A1 is priced during a whopping $299 though if we consider a pattern and functionality is value a price, because not? Alternatively if you’d rather not spend that most though would like a wireless charging function, IKEA competence have some list lamps we could be meddlesome in.

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