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February 4, 2016 - table lamp

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Barry Dixon and his dog Dinah on a loggia of his home, Elway Hall.

Interior engineer Barry Dixon lives and works during Elway Hall, his 1907 Edwardian estate in Warrenton. The residence has beautifully allocated sitting bedrooms and bedrooms and 17 fireplaces with lots of mantel space. Dixon is famous for relocating around his value trove of accessories: overscaled apothecary jars, Venetian brocade pillows, flea marketplace candlesticks, lusterware porcelain and French garden orbs.

Dixon, famous for his comfortable high-end interiors that brew tone and texture, was a ideal chairman to join us for a second Shopping With Tastemakers excursion. This time we went on a surveillance for 5 good affordable accessories to supplement to your home.

Designers, as we know from Instagram, like to use their possess homes as settlement labs. Dixon, who non-stop his possess decorating organisation 20 years ago, layers objects that simulate both his Southern birthright and his tellurian travels. These all change his possess line of paints for C2, fabrics and trims for Vervain, lamps and other pieces with Arteriors, and a seat collection during Tomlinson/Erwin-Lambeth. He is operative on residences in Florida, Wyoming and Nantucket, so he’s always selling for things in engaging places.

A fan of blending high and low, Dixon likes a constantly changing array during West Elm. “The preference is uninformed and always different,” he said. “You never know what you’ll find.”

Dixon spent a few hours on a new Friday afternoon during a West Elm on 14th Street NW. He done himself right during home, combing both levels of a store for only a right pieces he thinks would supplement flicker to a home of roughly any distance and style.

Wood + Resin Sphere ($69, westelm.com). (West Elm)

When we walked into a store, Dixon had only detected a wood and creosote sphere ($69) that had been rolled underneath a coffee table. These intriguing nine-inch balls are done from plain teak, afterwards a crackly transparent creosote is used to fill out a healthy burls in a wood, formulating a ideal sphere. “I like them since any one will be unique,” Dixon said, adding that they work good in roughly any room. “They have a smashing demeanour to them, like they were brought home from a jungle island or something,” Dixon said. “You put this in a dilemma of a contemporary civic apartment, and it looks like Krypton.”

Whitewashed Wood Wall Art ($369, westelm.com). (West Elm)

A large row of whitewashed wood ($369) with precision-cut designs unresolved on a store’s wall held Dixon’s eye right away. The block is desirous by geometric mill carvings and is an considerable size: 47 1/2 inches by 471/2 inches. “This is present pattern in a tasteless space, and it’s not a outrageous investment,” Dixon said. “You can put it over a console or over a mantel or in a dining room.” His other ideas for it: attaching 4 legs and commanding it with a block of potion to make a cocktail list or regulating it as a twin headboard. “Buy things we can use for a lifetime that can have mixed incarnations,” Dixon said. “You will never tire of something like this.”

Martini Two Tone Side Table in High Gloss White Lacquer With Antique Brass tip ($159, westelm.com). (West Elm)

The modern, compress Martini table ($159) is an iconic West Elm block that Dixon immediately recognized. It is accessible in a series of colors and finishes. He was vehement about a new incarnation, a white bottom with an antique-brass-finish top. The block is done of aluminum and is indoor/outdoor. “I like a multiple of a high-gloss lacquer and brushed-metal top. It’s really modern,” Dixon said. You could put it by a wing chair or use dual in front of a lounge instead of a coffee table. “I would put one beside a bathtub for bath ipecac and a potion of wine,” Dixon said. “Or it could go on a front porch with a wicker furniture.”

Painterly Texture Pillow Cover in Horseradish ($44, westelm.com). (West Elm)

An engaging new sham now freshens adult a room, Dixon said. He speckled this abstract settlement silk pillow ($44 for a 20-inch block zip-on cover, insert extra) on a shelf and was drawn to a flowing settlement and well-spoken silk fabric. “It has glisten and a soothing silk-satin finish,” Dixon said. “This is a good cost for a genuine silk pillow.” He also forked out that a sham had a same fabric on both front and back. “I don’t like pillows that are opposite on a front and back,” he said. “Both sides should be a same.” He suggested putting a genuine down insert into it. “I like a bullion and gray patina of it. It reminds me of object and sand. we could put this in a penthouse in South Beach I’m doing. It looks handcrafted,” he said.

Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp in Antique Brass ($229, westelm.com). (West Elm)

Inspired by a 1960s design, this small-scale arc building lamp ($229) with an antique coronet finish was something Dixon suspicion was a good find. He could see it subsequent to a lounge or a reading chair, or even by a bed. In a tiny space, it would discharge a need for a list lamp, pardon adult a side list for other things. “The distance creates it ideal for tiny rooms. And a varnished coronet finish has a glorious of bullion though doesn’t demeanour as fancy,” Dixon said. He suspicion it would be ideal in an unit since we get good light and we don’t have to put a hole in a wall or ceiling. “This flare is simple, neat and chic,” Dixon said.

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