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Designed essentially for business use—and with a inexhaustible assisting of technical wizardry—the Panasonic PT-RZ370U ($5,899) is one of a many considerable projectors we’ve ever seen. It’s partial of Panasonic’s Solid Shine Series, that means it uses a laser-LED hybrid light source interconnected with a DLP chip. However, it doesn’t uncover a rainbow artifacts (red-green-blue flashes), that are always a regard for DLP projectors. That—plus a fact that it’s widely avalable on a Web for distant reduction than a list price, during reduction than $3,000 in some cases—helps make it a new Editors’ Choice high-resolution business projector, and even a reasonable choice for a home theater.

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The PT-RZ370U offers a local 1080p (1,920-by-1,080) resolution, creation it a step adult from a SXGA+ (1,400-by-1,050) Canon REALiS SX80 Mark II. It doesn’t offer a same turn of tone government as a Canon model, yet for many applications that need to uncover glorious detail, a aloft fortitude is some-more useful.

Compared with many 1080p business projectors, a RZ370U also shares an advantage with a Canon indication of being giveaway of rainbow artifacts. Most of a competition, including a NEC Display Solutions NP-PE401H, for example, are single-chip DLP projectors that uncover red-green-blue flashes during slightest occasionally.

Technical Wizardry
Rainbow artifacts stand adult with single-chip DLP models since a projectors uncover their primary colors in sequence. They leave it to a tellurian visible complement to confederate a colors over time and furnish all a colors that we see. The problem is that if an intent moves on screen, or we change your gaze, a opposite colors can tumble on opposite tools of a retina, so splendid areas mangle adult into small rainbows.

Standard DLP projectors, that use tone wheels spinning in front of a white light, can minimize rainbow artifacts by spinning a circle faster, with speeds given in multiples of a 1x wheel. A 6x wheel, for example, is rotating by a colors 6 times as quick as a 1x wheel, so a artifacts uncover reduction often. However, anyone who sees a rainbow outcome simply will still see it with any customary DLP projector.

The PT-RZ370U leaves out a tone circle and switches any tone source on and off instead, going yet a tone method during a 30x speed. There competence feasible be people who will see a artifacts even during 30x, yet we see them easily, and didn’t see any with a RZ370U, even with screens that are designed to pierce them out. If a projector isn’t 100-percent rainbow-free for everyone, a rainbows positively won’t uncover mostly adequate to be bothersome.

According to Panasonic, a projector includes sensors to detect changes in a primary colors as a light source ages over a 20,000-hour rated lifetime. It afterwards automatically compensates for a changes to say a same tone balance.

Also really many value discuss is Panasonic’s Digital Link Technology, that lets we bond all of your picture and audio sources to an discretionary Digital Interface Box ($1,999) and afterwards bond a box to a projector with a singular network wire as prolonged as 328 feet. You can also control a projector over a same connection. Not carrying to run mixed cables can be a acquire preference in many situations.

One underline blank from a PT-RZ370U is 3D support. This shouldn’t be an emanate for many applications, yet if we need 3D, you’ll have to demeanour elsewhere.

Basics and Setup
Given that it weighs 24 pounds 5 ounces, and measures 5.4 by 17.9 by 16.3 inches (HWD), a PT-RZ370U is apparently meant for permanent installation. Its cooling complement will work in any orientation, so in further to ascent it horizontally confronting a wall, we can mountain it confronting adult during a ceiling, down during a table, or during any course in between. You can also mountain it to uncover images in Portrait mode, with what would routinely be a tip of a picture on one side.

In fact, we can mountain a projector during any angle over 360 degrees in pitch, roll, and yaw. This coherence for orientation, along with a ability to run a projector 24 hours a day for a whole lifetime, creates it a good choice for a arrangement in a run or in a sell store window.

Setup is mostly customary fare, with a primer concentration and primer 2x zoom. In addition, a projector offers both straight and plane lens shift, that lets we pierce a picture though relocating a projector. According to Panasonic, we can change a picture by about 60 percent of a shade breadth from a leftmost to rightmost position, and by 120 percent of a shade tallness from a lowest to top position. My measurements matched a explain for a plane shift, yet came out a bit lower— during only over 100 percent—for a straight shift.

Image inputs for a PT-RZ370U are singular to one HDMI port, one DVI-I port, a VGA pier for a mechanism or member video, a multiple video port, and a network port. Notably blank is a USB Type A pier for reading files directly from USB memory.

Strictly as a indicate of reference, regulating Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recommendations, and presumption a 1.0 benefit screen, a 3,500-lumen rating for a PT-RZ370U would make it splendid adequate for a roughly 230- to 310-inch (diagonal) picture in theater-dark lighting. In assuage ambient light, a suitable distance drops to roughly 150 to 170 inches. For smaller picture sizes, we can reduce a liughtness by holding advantage of Eco mode for a lamp, regulating preset modes with reduce liughtness levels, or both.

As with roughly all DLP projectors, a RZ370U’s tone liughtness is reduce than a white brightness, that means tone images won’t be as splendid as we would design from a white liughtness level. (For some-more on tone brightness, see Color Brightness: What It Is, Why It Matters.)

Image Quality
Quality for information images is excellent. The PT-RZ370U rubbed a customary apartment of DisplayMate tests with no problems value mention. Colors were vibrant, eye-catching and entirely jam-packed in all preset modes in a testing, and a projector also handles fact well. Both white content on black, and black content on white, for example, are rarely entertaining during 6.8 points.

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Video peculiarity is only brief of excellent. we saw a assuage turn of sound in dim areas in one shave that tends to uncover noise, and a amiable detriment of shade fact (details formed on shading in dim areas) in another quite perfectionist clip, yet no vicious issues.

In fact, we could simply use a RZ370U in a home theater. It lacks a some-more worldly picture estimate facilities that you’ll find in likewise labelled projectors privately designed for home theater—including support interpolation, for example, to make transformation smoother—but it delivers a better-looking picture than any series of reduction costly home museum and home party projectors.

Although a RZ370U offers a stereo submit and output,it doesn’t embody a built-in speaker. If we need sound, you’ll need an outmost audio system.

If we contingency have 3D, cruise a NEC Display Solutions NP-PE401H. And if we have a vicious need to get colors only so, a Canon SX80 Mark II is still a apparent choice, since of a glorious tone management. If we don’t need either, however, a Panasonic PT-RZ370U will give we a high-quality, rainbow-free image, preference facilities like lens shift, and an collection of extras, from a choice to bond with a singular wire to being means to mountain it in any orientation. The multiple creates a PT-RZ370U an considerable savage indeed, and a Editors’ Choice high-resolution business projector.

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