Passion for beer, hockey hit during Grayslake’s Light a Lamp

February 4, 2015 - table lamp

Started in 2012 by 3 internal dads who found themselves with some-more giveaway time when their kids started pushing themselves to hockey practice, Grayslake’s Light a Lamp Brewery combines a founders’ passion for hockey and qualification splash by portion brews we won’t find anywhere else and providing a good entertainment place for sports fans.

Motif: Hockey is widespread during Light a Lamp, located during 10 N. Lake St. Games atmosphere on 3 TVs, a chalkboard shows a NHL report and there’s a Blackhawks calendar posted on a wall. Blackhawks banners hang from a walls, and a owners have hung their possess jerseys along with those from their kids’ teams. Customers have combined their possess decorations as well, bringing in pads and even a indication Stanley Cup combined for a propagandize art project. Furnishings are eclectic, with a black cot and incompatible wooden tables picked adult from garage sales. There’s a foosball list and a list hockey diversion for rival customers. The mark also brings in internal comedians once a month and intermittently hosts Cards Against Humanity games or film nights.

Light a Lamp Brewery

10 N. Lake St., Grayslake, (847) 752-8489,

Hours: 5 to 10 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday; 4 p.m. to midnight Friday; noon to midnight Saturday; noon to 10 p.m. Sunday

The space is in a routine of expanding, adding some-more seating and a private celebration area. The owners are also operative on updating their breeze complement to have 10 taps so they don’t have to spend time changing out kegs on bustling nights. They wish to supplement bags for summer and start charity brewery tours.

Food: Light a Lamp doesn’t offer food, though you’re acquire to move your possess or sequence in.

Liquid consumption: While a owners are home brewers, they hired a veteran brewer to tweak their recipes and come adult with his own. The outcome is a remarkably good preference of beers, with several varieties ostensible to brave people to try things they consider they don’t like. For instance, a Sin Bin Stout offers a mellow and not too sour coffee flavor. For something lighter, opt for a citrusy Center Ice event ale or a Bench Minor blonde, that is really light and easy to splash though offers a punch that blondes don’t routinely have.

The bar typically has 6 beers on tap, with 5 staples and a new one rotating in each other Friday. If you’re looking to try all and get a bit of splash education, sequence a taster, that is presented on a place pad so we don’t remove lane of what’s what. You’ll also get a apart list providing descriptions. Light The Lamp sells copiousness of growlers and hopes to start distributing a beers to other bars soon.

Crowd: The space brings in a accidentally dressed 30-to-60 crowd. Blackhawks games pull zealous fans, who will hearten for good plays not only when a group scores.

Service: We were immediately greeted by one of a owners when we walked in, notwithstanding a fact that a bar was utterly busy. The barkeeper brought us a play of popcorn with a taster we systematic and was happy to yield additional explanations of a special brews.

Music: Light The Lamp hosts a brew of strange and cover acts twice a month on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Parking: Grab a mark in a tiny giveaway lot behind a bar.

Overall: Light The Lamp’s stellar preference of permitted beers and accessible atmosphere make it easy to be a fan.

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