Patricia Urquiola Talks Self-Driving Cars, Technology, and a Future of Design

November 21, 2017 - table lamp

Last week, Spanish engineer Patricia Urquiola was awarded a Design Excellence Award from Collab, an associate organisation of a Philadelphia Museum of Art, in and with a opening of a initial solo muster of her work. Known for her resourceful and witty proceed to both pattern and design, Urquiola common her practice study underneath Achille Castiglioni, integrating new technologies, conceptualizing self-driving cars, and operative with practical existence for Milan Design Week 2018.

A shot of her muster during a Philadelphia Museum of Art, including a “Fishbone” Inlay from a Earthquake 5.9 Collection.

A shot of her muster during a Philadelphia Museum of Art, including a Crinoline Armchair, Fishbone Inlay from a Earthquake 5.9 Collection, Serena Table Lamp, Lilo armchair, and a Openest Single Desk.

Early Years

“What can we say? I’ve been unequivocally lucky. we complicated pattern in Madrid and afterwards altered to Milan to attend a Polytechnic University, that was outward of my comfort section as an architect. Many of a teachers there were also operative designers and they were a many engaging people: Vico Magistretti, Achille Castiglioni, Maddalena De Padova, and many others. It was an implausible time to be in Milan. They were all so generous, Vico in sold had a approach of holding appetite from everybody and putting it all together.”

Design and Technology

“Technology is positively an advantage. Since opening my studio in 2000, record has altered so much—not usually in terms of communication, yet how it lets us brew record and craft. For Salone del Mobile we am doing a practical existence plan in my studio, that of march will not be physical. But, even when we am conceptualizing earthy things like furniture, light fixtures, and kitchen appliances, it has all developed to be connected in some approach to computers. We should always be open-minded. It doesn’t meant losing a oddity for things that are crafted, yet it means we have to remember a humanistic side and use a record and a appetite to conduct it all. We had to turn tellurian before we became cyborgs!

The Shimmer table, Altay chair, and Fjord armchair.

The Shimmer table, Altay chair, and Fjord armchair.

On Being a Woman in Design

“I’m not prejudiced… it does meant we have to do things double-well [as a woman]. we have dual daughters, and even yet they aren’t in design, we wish them to feel gentle and be illusory during what they do… we wish them to do double-well since that is unequivocally good, regardless. It doesn’t meant losing yourself as a person, yet we do have to understanding with challenges. we don’t consider we should demeanour during boundary as a extent yet as a challenge.

Of march there was influence when Ferrari asked me to do a muster for them, yet Ferrari is not stupid—they know that we am a chairman who can emanate these practice and do it well. And we am so happy with a exhibition, since we enter it with this Ferrari red and afterwards we remove a red and unequivocally get underneath a skin of a car. It was about violation boundary and violation prejudices since they only aren’t necessary.”

The Future of Cars

 “We have a lot to do in a unequivocally brief volume of time. we am operative with automobile companies on self-driving cars. We need unequivocally complicated designers since all cars right now are some-more or reduction a same on a inside: There’s a place to bend your seatbelt, your seats, and lots of leather, we know. But there are thermal reactive, intelligent fabrics that could work most improved and other illusory solutions we can do. When we have a self-driving automobile we will fundamentally only be vital inside of it while it is relocating so it becomes architecture. And they need us. The artistic village of architects and designers, we can do it.”

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