Peer Inside a Stunning William Duquette House in Glendale

March 24, 2015 - table lamp

Over 5 decades Tom McIntyre has built an enviable classical automobile collection. He’s also amassed a cache of midcentury-modern furniture. Once he found a untried William Duquette residence in Glendale, he had only a right environment for pieces that tell a story of a dauntless new pattern world

March 24, 2015

L.A. Home

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The extraneous of McIntyre’s home.
Photograph by Jill Paider

The front entrance hall.
Photograph by Jill Paider

(1) The chairs in a dining room are by Mies outpost der Rohe; a lights are from Ikea.
Photograph by Jill Paider

A Jacobsen “Egg” chair.
Photograph by Jill Paider

Saarinen “Tulip” chairs and table, set with Russel Wright ceramics.
Photograph by Jill Paider

Eames loll chairs in a vital room; a mannequin was brought to a residence as a celebration prop.
Photograph by Jill Paider

Tom McIntyre in a Cherner chair.
Photograph by Jill Paider

A perspective from a backyard.
Photograph by Jill Paider

Tom McIntyre is a critical gourmet of cars in a city that’s critical about a automobiles. But only as considerable as a Corvettes and Porsches is McIntyre’s trove of midcentury-modern furniture, a covenant to how many a Valley local prefers vital like it’s 1959.

For his initial home a automobile clean purchased a prosy 1950s house, though a miss of architectural aptitude didn’t stop him from decorating with duration pieces like a Heywood-Wakefield bedroom set from a now-defunct antiques store Piccolo Pete’s. Soon he’d acquired such master works as primitive Eames loll chairs and a Jean Prouvé table, Arne Jacobsen “Egg” chairs and a Greta Grossman lamp. But they didn’t have a truly correct environment until he happened on a 1958 William Duquette residence in Glendale, a modernist classical that was unsullied. That a designer also designed Riverside International Raceway combined a karmic note for McIntyre, whose Burbank association manufactures automobile emblems. He became a home’s third owners in 2006.

What resonates with McIntyre is how midcentury pattern embraced a confidant new atomic age while “giving it an atmosphere of sophistication,” he says. This magnificence is apparent during a Glendale house, where a angled tongue-and-groove roof blends seamlessly into potion walls that demeanour onto a immature glade of weed and ferns. Skylights support sculptural sycamore branches that dawn overhead.

To a right of a entry—paneled in sensuous fiddleback mahogany—is a prolonged open space with a cast-concrete grate encircled by potion so that it appears to boyant in space. Eames chairs and side tables form a review area. Along one wall a George Nelson shelving section binds a brew of changed items: Eva Zeisel ceramics, a “Dog Lamp” by Jean Boris Lacroix. In a few places a midcentury seat has been supplemented with contemporary pieces. McIntyre loves that visitors assume a lights in a dining room, that boasts Ludwig Mies outpost der Rohe chairs and Dorothy Thorpe potion candleholders, are some midcentury find. They’re from Ikea, he says, laughing.

The kitchen underwent a many renovation. Still, a minimalist cabinets form to a modernist aesthetic. McIntyre hung a Nelson time and Metlox ceramics over a stove and placed an Eero Saarinen list and chairs in a breakfast nook. “When we walked into a residence for a initial time,” he says, “I was vacant during how good recorded it was.”

My Favorite Year by Tom McIntyre
“As we began collecting midcentury furniture, we found that a pieces we favourite best came from 1957. That year we was 10 and good on my approach to saving for my initial car. My family was tighten friends with Lewis Wise and Allan Adler, who were iconic modernist silversmiths. we would watch Mr. Wise palm produce plates and trays and silverware when we visited on weekends. we remember removing my initial glance of a Capitol Records building along a Hollywood Freeway; it had been finished a year before and indeed looked like a smoke-stack of records. Later we asked to go to a grill during a LAX Theme Building when we graduated from Millikan Junior High School. That was unequivocally special. we desired that place and still do. we watched a extravagantly complicated Lautner-designed Chemosphere residence being assembled in a North Hollywood hills as we began pushing around L.A. during 16. we consider these exposures to complicated pattern had a durability outcome on my life.”

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