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December 7, 2014 - table lamp

Before Cassidy Stay changed with her family to Texas 4 years ago, she attended TownGate Elementary School in Moreno Valley. As a tyro there, she acquired a adore for a “Harry Potter” array of books.

Cassidy, now 15, is regarded as a comfortless favourite following a electrocute of her relatives and 4 siblings on Jul 9 in their home nearby Houston. All 7 were shot, military said, by a disloyal father of Cassidy’s aunt.

Cassidy was a sole survivor, personification upheld after a bullet grazed her head. Police pronounced a torpedo had designed to murder other extended family members and that she might have saved adult to 20 lives by job 911 and alerting authorities.

Three days later, she spoke during a family memorial, and quoting Professor Dumbledore from a book “Harry Potter and a Prisoner of Azkaban,” she said, “Happiness can be found even in a darkest of times, if one usually remembers to spin on a light.”

That anxiety so changed a teachers and administrators during TownGate that they motionless to send Cassidy a gift.

A whirly lamp.

“Cassidy grown her adore for a Harry Potter array while she was a tyro here during TownGate,” propagandize librarian Esther Layne said. “When we listened her quote Professor Dumbledore during her family’s memorial, we suspicion a whirly flare would be a suggestive approach of vouchsafing her know that she is not alone.”

The flare is engraved with a Dumbledore selection on one side and a difference “With Love from Your TownGate Family” on a other.

“The whole Stay family was active and well-liked during TownGate,” propagandize principal Paula Rynders said. “Mrs. (Katie) Stay was clamp boss of a PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization). We only wish Cassidy to know that she and her family are remembered fondly here, and that she is always in a thoughts and in a hearts.”

The flare was mailed to a home of Cassidy’s grandparents in Spring, a suburb of Houston. That’s where she is vital now, attending Klein Collins High School. She’s a flutist in a marching band, and according to an ABC-TV news clip, she was named to her school’s homecoming justice in October.

In an talk she said, “If my relatives would be here during a diversion with me, they’d be entertaining me on.”

Whether Cassidy has seen a whirly flare is anyone’s guess. Adrienne Lords, an enlightening assistance during a propagandize who has had some hit with family members, said, “Her grandparents have put her in a potion bottle. There has been so most escape that it became overwhelming. (The family) couldn’t even accept anything more.”

In fact, in reduction than a week after a slayings, $300,000 had been donated online to accommodate wake and other expenses. Among a gifts she perceived was a personalized minute from “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling, who also sent a wand and an autographed book.

Only 5 months have upheld given a tragedy, and Cassidy is perplexing to adjust to what a family orator called “the new normal.” It’s doubtful to get easier as Christmas, a ultimate family event, approaches.

Melody and we spent Thanksgiving during some friends’ home in Temecula, and after we sat down for dinner, a stewardess suggested any of us share something we’re grateful for. The list was prolonged – I’m quite grateful during my modernized age to still be essay and enjoying it – though everybody mentioned family.

I didn’t consider of Cassidy Stay that day. But in essay this column, we can’t assistance though consternation what she would contend had she been sitting during a table.

No doubt it would be something optimistic. If she could find complacency “even in a darkest of times,” let us wish a whirly flare from Moreno Valley is never incited off.

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