Philips’ Hue Beyond brings intelligent lighting to lamps and list lights

September 2, 2014 - table lamp

Here’s a thing that we schooled today: an enclosed light fitting, like a list flare or a match light is technically called a luminaire. The reason that we now know this, is since that’s a word Philips is regulating to report a latest further to a lineup of connected lighting devices. Hue Beyond, notwithstanding a sci-fi sounding name, is a operation of lamps and roof lights luminaires with a twin light source — a “tunable” white light for saying and a color-changing tuber that we can tweak to your heart’s content. Of course, as a Hue device, it’s this second component that’ll offer a same smart integration with online services like email alerts and IFTTT recipes. It’ll strike stores in a US and Europe toward a finish of this month, though be warned, adding a small bit of technical ambience to your home doesn’t come cheap. The list flare chronicle of Beyond, for instance, will set we behind €330 ($430, £260), while both a roof light and match light editions are labelled adult during a whopping €530 ($695, £420)

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