Philips Hue operation being extended to E14 ‘candle’ bulbs from subsequent …

March 17, 2017 - table lamp

Philips has announced that it is fluctuating a operation of Hue bulbs, adding an E14/B39 ‘candle’ tuber to fit smaller lamps. This will be combined to a E26/A19, bayonet and GU10 fittings.

The new bulbs will be accessible in both white and color versions, as with a existing range, and will strike Europe in April, reaching a U.S. ‘later this year.’

Philips says that a candle bulbs will be quite useful for bedside list lamps …

Anker braided Lightning cables

Twist a Philips Hue candle in your bedside list flare and it will assistance we to get out of bed a approach we like it. Start your day uniformly with a comfortable sunrise. The gradually augmenting liughtness gives we a feeling we are waking adult from healthy light – rather than a bold awakening of an alarm. In a dusk relaxing comfortable white light helps we to unwind, relax and tumble defunct some-more absolutely during night.

The association shows a specs of a bulbs will be a medium 6.5W, throwing out 470 lumens of light during a 4000K tone temperature. The E14 bulbs will offer a same 16M colors and 50k shades of white as their larger versions.

Philips says that a further of a E14 wise means that Hue is now concordant with 80% of light fixtures worldwide. There are also some-more than 600 apps accessible to control Hue lighting, and we dull adult some of the favorites yesterday.

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