Philips Lighting Launches New Ranges of LED Luminaires Inspired by Retro Style Lighting

September 9, 2016 - table lamp

  • LED makeover remasters 1950’s iconic flare designs desirous by Dutch pattern fable Louis Kalff
  • New Philips Smart Volume operation uses light and shade to emanate art via a room

A room bright with retro-stye Philips Smart Volume pendants. (All photos pleasantness of Philips)

Philips Lighting, a tellurian celebrity in lighting, currently announced a launch in Europe of a operation of distinguished Philips New Vintage lamps and Philips Smart Volume pendants. The Philips New Vintage range, that uses lead materials, includes a remastered classical list flare desirous by a Louis Kalff, Dutch pattern guru, strange from 1957, assembly a direct for retro designs in a home. In contrast, a new Philips Smart Volume operation of pendants elegantly juxtapose light and shade. All luminaries use high-quality, LED light bulbs. 

Pierre-Yves Panis, conduct of design, Philips Lighting, comments: “As a celebrity in LED and home lighting pattern we conclude that it’s not only a peculiarity of light that is important, though also a approach light is gifted and a choices we make about materials and form. We have designed any operation with a particular celebrity and light effect, so we can select a one that speaks to your imagination, either it is a Louis Kalff mid-century classical remade, a Surrey operation with an industrial edge, or a Smart Volume that creates a confidant play of light and shadow.”

Philips New Vintage LED lamps.

Vintage pattern reimagined

Louis Kalff, a Dutch architect, assimilated Philips in 1925 and worked to renovate a branding and promotion of a association from what he deemed to be old-fashioned, to a contemporary colourful brand. Moving from striking pattern to product design, Kalff started building lighting, ensuing in some of a many iconic silhouettes and shapes ever constructed by Philips. Today’s launch of a Philips Beauvais list lamp, within a Philips New Vintage range, has been desirous by a 1957 original Kalff ‘Z’ lamp and  has been brought adult to date with an LED light bulb.  

A retro turn with a Philips New Vintage range

Continuing a thesis for retro and nostalgia, a Philips New Vintage lamps operation includes a ‘Surrey’ pendant. Incorporating a lead finish, in black and copper, a ‘Surrey’ suits an industrial character kitchen, and would hang over a cooking table, providing a articulate indicate with friends during your subsequent party.

A lady checks her phone in a vital room area bright by Philips Smart Volume pendants. 

The Philips Smart Volume pendants

Perfect for those looking to make a confidant matter in their home, a Philips Smart Volume pendants operation is a collection of overwhelming core pieces designed for contemporary living. Constructed with sculpted, high-quality materials that smoothly interconnect, a pendants are designed for limit impact either incited on or off. When illuminated, a lamps’ singular shape, emanate a overwhelming arrangement of light and shadow, transforming any room into an art space. 

Also, a Philips Smart Volume pendants are designed with functionality in mind and are delivered in a prosaic pack. The pendants container together with palliate in only a few minutes, prepared to yield pleasing light in any room. 

All Philips lamps use Philips LED light bulbs, with some of a lamps already integrated, delivering high-quality, uniform light that reflects colors naturally. They have been grown expertly to yield a same light peculiarity via their lifetime. Lasting for over 15 years, they save some-more than 80% on appetite contra traditional, illuminated light bulbs.1 

The new Philips lamps are accessible in Europe from Sep 2016, with Philips New Vintage ‘Surrey’ pendants labelled from €59. The Philips Beauvais list flare starts, comes with an integrated LED light tuber and starts from €149. The Philips Smart Volume pendants operation is labelled from €59-€179.

1. 80% appetite saving vs illuminated 60W flare (9W/60W = 0.15*100= 15%). 15 years is a normal lifetime formed on normal use of 2-3 hours /day 

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