Plop Your Phone Down on This Bamboo Side Table, Watch it Power Up

September 14, 2015 - table lamp

Forget those annoying cords — FurniQi lets we assign your phone usually by putting it down

With gadgets like a Nest thermostat and a Wi-Fi-enabled Crock-Pot, a kitchen is removing some-more and some-more high-tech. What creates a lot of new inclination so unconventional is their use of wireless technologies. You can adjust a heat on your Crock-Pot before removing in a automobile to expostulate home; your thermostat can now commend your elite temperatures and change them accordingly. Now, we can assign your phone though any cables interjection to wirelessly charging seat like FurniQi.

Fonesalesman recently announced it is operative on a seat collection that lets users assign their phones simply by fixation them on a surface. The initial of these objects is a side list that looks usually like any other list though integrates tradition record to keep your phone charged up.

wireless charging table

FurniQi takes partial of a name from iQi, a mobile charging device combined by Fonesalesman. The ultra-thin device wraps around a behind of an iPhone, where users bond a bottom of it to a phone’s Lightning connector. After plugging it in, users can place their soothing box right over a device. iQi also works with some tough cases, though not all.

The iQi allows users to assign their phones on small, unstable chargers like a QiStone, a rock-shaped object. The thought of cordless charging extends to Fonesalesman’s FurniQi project.

The side list follows a same truth of morality and ease. Users simply place their phone on tip of a list and watch as a phone charges. The table—made with Mao Zhu bamboo—uses a elementary pattern that helps it “blend in with with palliate as a bedside, loll or corridor table,” as settled in a recent press release.

wireless charging table

Fonesalesman kept preference during a forefront of a seat collection’s design. The list takes usually about a notation to assemble.

Just recently, IKEA expelled a possess line of wirelessly charging furniture. The pieces mix a particular cultured of IKEA pieces with a preference of wireless technology. The collection now facilities a nightstand in dual styles and a list lamp. Each square comes with a and pointer to prove where users should place their phones.

FurniQi looks to make a pattern of wireless charging even some-more seamless. The side list feels like seat of a future—an intent that merges classical pattern with modernized record in a seamless way. It is a step brazen not usually in wireless charging technology, though in a pointed formation into a home. The clearly invisible pattern allows these wireless charging seat pieces to mix in with existent decor. The side list is not accessible for squeeze nonetheless though FurniQi will betray a crowdfunding debate some time in Oct of this year.


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