Poise flare by Saif Faisal slides adult and down to adjust light levels

July 14, 2016 - table lamp

The conduct of Saif Faisal’s Poise lamp moves openly along a wooden column, permitting a light to be strong or diffused (+ slideshow).

Poise flare by Saif Faisal

Poise’s conduct can pivot and pierce plumb along a column, definition a light can be forked in any preferred instruction for focused enlightenment or faced upwards for some-more ambient effect.

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Poise is done from dual categorical elements – a mainstay crafted from a singular square of timber and a smaller territory concealing an LED.

Poise flare by Saif Faisal

The dual tools are bound into position by a round locking knob, that in element matches a lamp’s steel base.

Poise comes in possibly walnut timber with coronet accents or beech timber with black anodised aluminium. Both building and list flare models are available.

Poise flare by Saif Faisal

“Poise is a witty and versatile flare that can be used as a building flare or a charge flare in smaller scale,” pronounced Faisal. “This flare brings a unsentimental proceed and elegant pattern together”.

Other designers to have incorporated pivoting mechanisms into their lighting embody Berlin studio Yuue Design, that combined a steel and marble flare that’s practiced by a shifting handle.

Poise flare by Saif Faisal

Norwegian studio Kneip, meanwhile, combined a balancing building flare that can be swivelled from side to side to change light levels.

Saif Faisal is a engineer formed in Bangalore, India. He finished his training as an engineer from a RV College of Architecture in 2010 before going on to learn woodworking.

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