Police log: Car pounded around bologna, a shrill celebration disappears though voices linger

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SNpolice (150316_SN_KYU_POLICE)

SNpolice (150316_SN_KYU_POLICE)

Posted: Sunday, Dec 13, 2015 9:05 pm

Police log: Car pounded around bologna, a shrill celebration disappears though voices linger



A moped was reported as stolen from a behind of a Harbor Street address, according to a record during 11:22 a.m.

A Boston Street proprietor sniffed out what seemed to be an attempted IRS scam, with a tourist perfectionist income lest a plant be arrested, as reported to military during 12:33 p.m.

Her son stayed over on Dec. 8 and during 3:52 p.m. a Pope Street mom reported to military that she believes he stole her credit card, that is now overdrawn. An examination is ongoing.

A masculine on Savoy Road told military during 4:25 a.m. that he never got a box containing $50 sneakers and delivered to his residence by a Post Office during 7 a.m. It wasn’t there when his mom left during 8:30 a.m. He is filing a explain with a Post Office.

The burglar who stole a trek during Burger King on Highland Avenue did it on camera. Police are anticipating to get some-more information on a larceny, according to a record during 4:57 p.m.

The lady who stole dual $40 drones from Walmart on Highland Avenue was challenged by a confidence ensure as she left, according to a 5:26 p.m. record entry. But then, “She jumped into a watchful getaway car.” The ensure described her as “looking accurately like Aunt Jemima from a syrup.” The vehicle’s permit image series “came behind to a white masculine out of Lynn.” Two other women were in a red Ford Explorer as it fled.

The $350 list flare sent to a Chestnut Street residence was left during a backdoor by UPS, according to a record during 9:30 a.m. It wasn’t there when a customer went looking for it. Anthropologie betrothed to send another, according to a record during 5:37 p.m. Then came a happy ending. A neighbor had picked adult a flare for safekeeping.

Security watched a lady hidden makeup during a Shaw’s Supermarket on Trader’s Way. They called a cops, who released a no-trespass sequence and sent her on her way, as logged during 7:09 p.m.


In a box of a disintegrating party, military went to a Geneva Street residence during 12:13 a.m. and were told there was no party. Invited into an apartment, they saw no one. But they could hear voices. Eventually, they checked a groundwork and “observed 80 college aged people carrying a party. They were all suggested to leave.” The unit proprietor was given a fine.

Elise M. Doherty, 38, 23 Carr Road, Saugus, was arrested, as logged during 12:38 a.m., during a Walgreens on New Derby Street by Officer Thomas Pelletier on a assign of shoplifting.

Robert A. Whalen, 36, 51 Prince Street, Salem was arrested, as logged during 2:30 a.m., by Officer Michael Ball on charges of possessing a category A and a category E drug, unfinished control and on an superb warrant.

“A vast brief of cement” was detected during 8:55 a.m. during a bottom of Nichols Street during Boston Street. The Salem Fire Department was called to rinse it down. “It is different how a element finished adult on a roadway,” according to a log. Police, however, note that 140 trucks from Aggregate Industries were delivering concrete for a new healthy gas energy plant. “Skid outlines with a same circle pattern as a concrete lorry were celebrated on a roadway.”

A lady told military during 10:55 a.m. that she’d been physically assaulted by “an different male” during a Koto Restaurant. She complained “the investiture did not residence her issue.”

A Lafayette Street masculine got a harassment-prevention sequence after his neighbor complained he was “yelling her name and banging on a floor,” according to a record during 11:35. Police suggested him to stop.

The masculine who attempted to use someone else’s credit label to buy snacks and cigarettes during a Goodhue Street marketplace was called on it by a clerk when his signature did not compare a signature on a card. He left a label and fled. Police were called during 4:32 p.m. An officer tracked a masculine down on Bridge Street. He told a officer “he found a credit label on Washington travel a night before to this occurrence and knew that he should not have used it. (He) settled that he was going by a severe patch and did use a credit label to try to squeeze a equipment during Salem Market.” He pronounced his companion, a woman, “had zero to do with it and that he done a foolish mistake.” Police were tender with his cooperation. He will be summonsed for credit label fraud.

A Highland Avenue masculine unclosed another renouned rascal a tough way, by descending for it. With remarkable mechanism problems he perceived a pop-up summary that betrothed to repair a appurtenance if he called a write number. The masculine during a finish of a line told him he usually had to send $400 around his Visa label and a appurtenance would be repaired. It was not. He called military during 5:58 p.m., who told him “this is a stream scam.” Police called a series though could not locate a scamsters. They suggested a plant to cancel his credit card.

Kayla J. McKenzie, 25, 540 Chestnut St., Lynn was arrested, as logged during 9:45 p.m. during Camp Lion by Officer John Burke on charges of attack and battery with a dangerous arms (her foot) and unfinished conduct. Officers had been called to a stay over “a vast fight.” They encountered a lady “out of control,” according to a log.

As if eggs aren’t bad enough, a lady reported during 11:27 p.m. that her automobile was both egged and lonesome with bologna on Bridge Street. The automobile rinse private many of it.


A Gallows Hill masculine was told over a phone a IRS wanted him to send income or else. He did not tumble for it, according to a record during 9:21 a.m., though called police.

The Lawrence Street integrate complained during 9:30 a.m. that they are surrounded by neighbors smoking pot “and a fragrance exacerbates their son’s (age 8) asthma.” The landlord told them to “mind their possess business.” Police urged them to examination a terms of their franchise per smoking. Officers were incompetent to establish if a smokers have medical marijuana.



Julie A. Lima, 36, 2 State St., Peabody was arrested, as logged during 2:53 p.m. during Lowell and Crowninshield streets by Sgt. James Harkins on mixed engine automobile charges. Lima was logged as carrying struck “several engine vehicles from Lowell Street adult to 8 Sutton St.” She was charged with dipsomaniac pushing (having been formerly convicted of same, speeding), carrying an open enclosure of alcohol, unwell to stop or yield, pushing fast and dual depends of withdrawal a stage of skill damage.

Police note during 3:01 p.m. that a cat forsaken off during Doggon Purr-fect on Summit Street matched a outline of a blank “muted calico cat” from Scribner Road.

A tyro described as “out of control” during 3:07 p.m. was ecstatic from a Higgins Middle School to Children’s Hospital in Salem.

Matthew M. Broderick, 24, 133 Mount Vernon Ave., Melrose was arrested, as logged during 4:59 p.m., on Main Street on charges of possessing a category A drug and pushing with a dangling license.

The news of a woman’s mislaid wallet on Lake Street during 5:40 p.m. listed essence including $1,200 and income orders valued during $500, along with a driver’s license, dialect of stagnation assistance card, withdraw card, driver’s permit and amicable confidence card.

He’s betrothed to compensate it back. That’s a declaration military got during 7:38 p.m. after they were called to Cricket Wireless on Main Street over an worker indicted of theft. “If he fails to approve officer will be contacted,” according to a log.

Officers resolved a emanate after a news that a mom had forsaken her kids during a Northshore Mall Lego Store so she could shop, according to a record during 9:12 p.m.

A defilement and entering on Proctor Street resulted in a stolen valuables box, according to a record during 9:45 p.m.


Egg attacks were reported on Tamarack Lane during 10:21 a.m. A rug and engine vehicles competence have been shelled.

A news from Elliott Place during 11:01 a.m. complained of a “40-inch TV ripped off a wall.”

Vandalism to a automobile on Hourihan Street was reported during 12:30 p.m.

Elizabeth Marie Robertson, 32, 65 Mason St., Salem, was arrested, as logged during 12:55 p.m., in a Northshore Mall Macy’s on a assign of shoplifting. A apart Mall shoplifting box during HM during 1:25 p.m. was rubbed by a store.

A sinkhole seemed in front of a Lahey Health Medical Center on Essex Center Drive during 3:36 p.m.

It was a masculine in jeans who shoplifted 4 bags of dog food from Petco Pet Superstore on Sylvan Street during 3:38 p.m., according to a manager.

A lady will be summonsed to justice for shoplifting during HM during a Northshore Mall, according to a record during 7:21 p.m.

Robert E. Hanssen, 42, 49 Doherty Circle, Swampscott, was arrested, as logged during 7:33 p.m. on Holton Street on charges of causing critical corporeal harm, unarmed thievery and assault, dual depends of attack and battery and dual depends of antagonistic drop of property. A lady complained to military that “a masculine celebration pennyless into her residence and assaulted her.” She described a Mustang car, that military located during a McDonald’s parking lot. A second chairman was taken into protecting custody.

’Tis a deteriorate to shoplift and one was reported during a Northshore Mall Sears during 10:44 p.m.


A Northshore Mall shopper got off on a wrong feet when he complained to military that he’d been sole feign “Jordans” footwear. The “officer suggested a celebration to go to Finish Line to endorse that a sneakers are fake.” They were real.



A lady on High Street told military during 7:57 a.m. that “she was looking brazen to a (parking) ban” since no one parks rightly on her street. She wants cars to pierce and a highway to turn wider.

When a lady on Lafayette Street found dual paper bags “stapled during a top” in her recycling bin she called military during 9:06 a.m. “In this day and age she is shaken of what it competence be.” Nothing to worry about — a bags contained dejected cans.

Emma Catherine Carey, 31, 234 Pleasant St., Marblehead, was arrested, as logged during 9:33 a.m., on Pleasant during Gerry Street by officers Adam Mastangelo and Jason McDonald on a assign of pushing with a dangling license.

A Dartmouth Road proprietor got questionable after a questionnaire by a organisation called “American Veteran’s Association.” She asked for novel “so she could examination it” and a tourist “got indignant and argued with her.” She wondered if it was a scam, according to a record during 1:40 p.m.

A smoothness motorist on Mugford Street alerted military during 5:39 p.m. when he found no one during home, though a front doorway far-reaching open.


A Jersey Street proprietor took it to a military after he found scuba rigging forsaken in front of his residence for no apparent reason, according to a 6:12 p.m. record entry.

Theft was suspected when a tourist reported during 9:52 p.m. that shrinkwrapped boats stored during Ryan Marine on Lincoln Street seemed to have been sliced open. The tourist disturbed that someone had attempted to sack a boats of their contents. Police were not certain if “anything is blank from a boats.”


A lady on Bubier Road got a shock when she went to her unbarred automobile and found a jeopardy lights on and someone sleeping in it. “The interior of a engine automobile smells like alcohol,” she reported to military during 6:45 a.m. The sleeper incited out to be a 22-year aged masculine who “used to reside there.” Police gathering him home.



Model function here as a lady flagged down a cruiser during 4 p.m. to news that she’d strike a parked automobile while branch from Hale onto Cabot Street. Damage was minor.

The 3 boys who had organised for e-cigarettes and knives to be delivered during home hadn’t figured on a turn notice supposing by mom. She intercepted a package and handed it over to police, according to a record during 5:18 p.m.

The highway fury occurrence reported on Rantoul Street during 10:24 p.m. competence have concerned a flashing of a gun. The stating celebration wasn’t certain and did not wish to speak to military regardless of how they attempted to remonstrate her.


Break and entering into a automobile on Longmeadow was reported during 8:56 a.m.

Police investigated a probable Facebook rascal on Cabot Street during 9:20 a.m.

An ambulance was called per a analysis of an “out-of-control male” on Broadway during 5:40 p.m.

Donald Joseph Perkins, 53, 14 Meadow Street, Salem, was arrested, as logged during 6:34 p.m., on Rantoul Street by Patrolman Mark Panjwani on charges of dipsomaniac driving, a crime he’s been convicted of previously, and unwell to stop or yield. Police had responded to a news of a strike and run.

A box of dipsomaniac pushing was reported during 6:52 p.m. during Park and Federal streets.

The news of a chairman struck by a automobile on Rantoul during Creek travel incited out to be something else wholly during 10:58 p.m. “Party fell in a travel due to being rarely intoxicated,” according to a log.


Vandalism to a automobile was reported on West Dane Street during 12:30 a.m.

Officers investigated a “past assault” on Dodge Street during 1:47 a.m.

The yelling on Manor Road during 3:32 p.m. had an explanation. “Both parties were dissapoint they had only perceived an eviction notice,” according to a log.

The citywide “drive solemn or get pulled over patrol” reported during 7:24 p.m. 7 stops, 4 red light violations, one unregistered vehicle, one headlight violation, one speeding, one deficient empty though “no marred drivers and all were wearing their seatbelts.”


Slashed tires were logged during 10:52 a.m. on a automobile during Duck Pond Road.



Police arrested a 22-year-old Swampscott masculine during 12:15 a.m. on a assign of distributing cinema of a bare child.



An collision with personal repairs was reported during Route 114 during 5:08 p.m.

Officers responded to a 6:15 p.m. news of an “out-of-control client” during a New England Home for a Deaf.

Mitchell Bryanne, 24, and Thomas Palazola, 22, both of 8 Spruce Road, Gloucester, were arrested, as logged during 8:59 p.m. during a Brooksby Village Drive Walmart on charges of robbery over $250 and possessing a category B drug. Police had been called per a shoplifter.

Malicious repairs to a automobile was reported during 9:16 p.m. on Route 1 in a closeness of Stop Shop.


A news during 6:29 a.m. of a stolen checkbook drew military to Weeks Road.

Officers answered a call during 11:17 a.m. per robbery on Thorpe Circle.

Employee thievery was a guess during 11:27 a.m. during Savers Value Village on Endicott Street.

Credit label rascal was logged as probable during a Route 1 investiture during 11:46 a.m. The same regard was reported during 2:29 p.m. on Lawrence Street.

Shoplifting during Home Deport during a Liberty Tree Mall was called in during 5:37 p.m.

Breaking and entering into a automobile drew military to a Liberty Tree Mall during 8:18 p.m.


Allyson Phillips, 26, Hale Street, Beverly, was arrested, as logged during 2:20 a.m., on Maple Street by Officer Scott Frost on charges of dipsomaniac pushing and noted line violations. A Danvers proprietor was taken into protecting custody.

A damaged window on a automobile on Water Street set off an alarm during 2:40 a.m.

Malicious repairs to a ancestral Rebecca Nurse Homestead consisted of mist paint, according to a record during 3:29 p.m.


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Sunday, Dec 13, 2015 9:05 pm.

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