Portronics Mobilio review: Multifunctional mobile mount and LED lamp

December 12, 2014 - table lamp

Working during your desk, during home or during office, should really be comfortable. To supplement to a comfort, any intent on your list should be conveniently placed and should make approach for work space. That includes your laptop or monitor, a mouse, keyboard, your coop stand, notebook, and most all that we need on your table.

However, as usual, your smartphone could be a usually one that does not have a correct place on a desk. If we possess a mobile phone stand, we could be still regulating that space on your desktop intelligently, though we still are occupying some space for no reason.

When regulating your list during night, we need a light to work under. This also involves regulating a list flare that could also supplement adult to a volume of articles on your desk, wasting changed work area. Now if we have a tiny work list during home and your folks nap in a same room as we work, we can't keep a light on. Portronics has a singular product that can assistance we save on space as good as assistance we work conveniently.

Portronics has launched Mobilio, a mobile mount that doubles adult as an LED flare for night use. The mobile mount is done of a cosmetic clamp with a rubber grip. The clamp can be used to reason on to a corner of your list or to a corner of your beyond shelf.

The other corner consists of a Mobilio, that is powered by a 2W cool-white LED. The energy for a LED flare can be drawn regulating any USB pier on your laptop or desktop, or from any required USB charger. The flare area also doubles adult as a mobile clamp, regulating that we can place your smartphone or phablet. The Mobilio conveniently keeps we smartphone off a list and we can use while to observation your email, alerts, messages or alike.

The arm of a Mobilio is 850mm prolonged and done of a stretchable metal, encased with a soothing rubber for a good cultured look. The mount arm is stretchable and can be focussed or winding in any instruction for accessible flare and mobile operation.

The Portronics Mobilio also comes with a mini USB pier (at a list clamp area) and a 1.5 metre USB wire for power. The wire also sports an in-line on/off switch for handling a lamp.

The Portronics lamp/mobile mount is a good appendage for your work list during home or office. However, we did find a few shortfalls with a product that could have benefited a customer, if present. Firstly, a product could have an choice for regulating it as a inscription mount and not usually should it have been limited for mobile phones. Secondly, a LED flare can be operated usually of a mobile is not placed on a stand. The LED should have been placed in a some-more accessible place so that one can use both a facilities a product, simultaneously. Lastly, given a product is USB powered, a mount should have been versed with a correct micro USB wire during a mobile clamp area, so that a mobile could also be charged or can be used for information send while being placed on a stand.

Taking into care a mobile stand’s shortcomings, a Portronics LED flare cum mobile mount seems a bit too expensive. The build peculiarity of a product is really good and a fortitude of a flare arm is flattering sturdy. All-in-all, a product is a tad too expensive, and would be value each penny if it could embody a options for a apart LED housing, inscription ascent choice and coexisting charging. The Portronics multifunctional mobile phone mount is accessible for an MRP of Rs 1,599 and in blue, green, violet and pinkish colours. 

source ⦿ http://www.deccanchronicle.com/141212/technology-gadgets/article/portronics-mobilio-review-multifunctional-mobile-stand-and-led

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