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January 10, 2015 - table lamp

DENVER, Colo. – Jan 9, 2015

“Preston, pierce please.” Marianne shoved past me into a bedroom with dual suitcases. She flung one on a bed and began putting garments into it. Dewey and Diddums hopped on a bed to watch.

“What’s going on?” we asked.

“We’re going on a highway outing tomorrow.  Dewey, greatfully get out of a suitcase; we are not going.”

A highway trip!  we jumped around a room with excitement. ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP!  

I paused. “Um, what’s a highway trip?”

“We’re pushing to Albuquerque for a few days to revisit family,” Marianne replied.

“Is he going?” Dewey asked, indicating during me.

Marianne nodded. Dewey and Diddums high-fived any other and dashed out of a room. “Mina, theory what!” we listened Diddums say.

“Well, that’s a small insulting,” we huffed.  #IAmNotThatBad

Really?” Marianne pronounced drily. “I’m certain they’re looking brazen to a few days though a puppy licking, pouncing, nosing, smushing and differently bothering them.”

I was about to urge myself when we satisfied what she’d only said. “Wait a minute! We’re only withdrawal Meryl and Mina and a kitties by themselves? They’ll starve!” we was horrified.

“No, of march not. Our crony Susan will be staying here while we’re gone. No one will starve. Calm down.” Marianne returned to her packing.

Harrumph. “Tell me some-more about a highway trip,” we said.

“Well, we’re going to see John’s family, including a sister, niece and a great-nephew visiting from Indianapolis.”

“What, as against to a so-so nephew or a flattering good nephew?” we frowned. “The eminence seems mean.”

Marianne sighed. “NO, we goofball. It means he’s a child of a niece or nephew. Sort of like we are a grandpuppy, given you’re a son of Ross, who we also raised.”

I was stunned. “Hold on, we suspicion we pronounced we was a GRAND puppy.”

Marianne patted me. “Yes, we are a GRAND grandpuppy. OK?”

I nodded.  “Yes. What will we do in Albuquerque?”

Marianne shrugged. “Hang out. Talk. Go out to eat tantalizing New Mexican delicacies.”

“Ooooh, what kinds of delicacies will we be eating?” #NewFood

Now it was Marianne’s spin to frown. “WE will be eating immature chile, posole and sopapillas. YOU will be underneath a list napping, like a good CCI puppy.”

“Well, we don’t know since we couldn’t try some new foods,” we grumbled. “And since am we always dark underneath a table? I’d rather lay in a chair to eat my cooking and be partial of a conversation, like a dogs in those videos we consider are so funny.”

Marianne took a low exhale and paused for, like, a count of ten. we don’t know why, though she seems to do that a lot around me.  “Listen delicately and we will go over a manners one some-more time. You are in training to be a use dog. That means we are to be still and unobtrusive, one competence even contend invisible in public. No barking, no whining, no hoovering food off a floor, no boring your tellurian or lunging on a leash, no beating of humans or anything else, no climbing on furniture, no opposite surfing, and no holding lamps off tables to gnaw on them.”

Mina seemed in a doorway. “I couldn’t assistance overhearing. we don’t trust I’ve listened that final order before.”

Marianne snorted. “That’s since adult to now we’ve never had a puppy who motionless to gnaw on a lamp. A LAMP, for great out loud!”

“In my defense, it doesn’t demeanour like a lamp,” we protested. “It’s made like a Martian.”

It has an electrical cord, it lights adult and it’s sitting on a table. It’s a LAMP! Never mind what it looks like, we are NOT to mislay objects off tables, and we are NEVER to gnaw on anything with an electrical cord!” Marianne thundered.

“OK, OK, we get it. Fine. You don’t have to yell.” Stupid lamp, we suspicion to myself. It still looks like a fondle to me.

Marianne did that low breath-pausing-for-a-count-of-ten thing again.  “Right. Good, I’m blissful we simplified that. Now, greatfully guarantee you’ll follow a manners when we’re in Albuquerque. I’d like a family to consider of we as a good residence guest and a good deputy of CCI, OK?”

I rolled my eyes. “Of march I’ll be good. Aren’t we always?” #SillyHuman




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