PURillume Kickstarter Product Offers Ultimate in Lamp Flexibility

September 4, 2016 - table lamp

PURillume, a new lighting association has launched a initial product, a Orchid LED Lighting System, now accessible for preorder on Kickstarter. The system, that comes in twin flare models, allows users to simply customize both a liughtness and tone temperature. Orchid is an integrated, omnidirectional LED light sources that PURillume designed to be stretchable adequate to accommodate particular preferences, moods, or activities.

The Orchid LED Lighting System facilities an tractable nap timer that simulates a sunset. An alarm mode can copy sunrise. Users can set an divided timer that activates during programmable presets times for extended confidence and assent of mind. A night light can light your approach during night trips to a bathroom. Dual USB charging ports capacitate users to assign their intelligent devices. The Bluetooth® capability enables flare control around a nominal mobile app. Purillume designed a Orchid LED lighting complement to capacitate entirely customizable lighting environments. In serve to being ideal for home use, a association sees extensive power in both liberality and medical markets.

Luxeon High Power

“I didn’t set out to emanate a new light bulb; we set out to emanate a new approach to knowledge light, and a Orchid LED Lighting System achieves that,” pronounced Neeraj Lal, boss and CEO of PURillume. “We are actively operative to serve lift and enhance on a insubordinate new lighting technology, and devise to deliver a building flare indication in a nearby future.”

The Orchid LED Lighting System is now offering in twin list flare models, a Orchid Master and Orchid Satellite. Both models underline a pyramidal, healthy wooden bottom with twin USB charging ports. They are surfaced by an empire-style round, linen, low-glare shade. An discerning touchscreen allows users to simply adjust both a liughtness and tone of a omnidirectional light output, and customize a presets.

The Orchid Master lamps can balance a network of Orchid Satellite lamps. The touchscreen of a Orchid Master lamps can arrangement a time and stream setting, or low to prosaic black for a some-more classical appearance. While PURillume essentially designed a Orchid Satellite lamps for synchronized operation, they users can also adjust them individually. The Satellite lamps underline rotary dials for eccentric tone and liughtness control. Each flare contains twin state-of-the-art LED light sources that work in tandem. PURillume says that during limit power a singular Orchid LED Lamp is brighter than 3 60W illuminated bulbs, while immoderate reduction appetite than one.

Orchid LED Lamp Performance and Lifetime

Each flare can yield outlay from only 10 lumens to 3,250 lumens with correlated tone temperatures (CCTs) travelling 5,000K (cool daylight) to 2,200K (warm). Orchid lamps also underline law 3Five Lighting Technology and a tone digest index (CRI) values 90+ CRI from for 5,000K to 2,700K and 80+ CRI down to 2,200K. The luminaire’s projected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

Company Website and Kickstarter Page Donations

More information about PURillume’s new Orchid LED Lighting System can be found during www.purillume.com. To preorder Orchid Master and Orchid Satellite list lamps, and to assistance PURillume lift a remaining supports compulsory for UL and FCC regulatory contrast and product production, revisit a Kickstarter page during http://ow.ly/pnhr303CGm8.

Those who oath $5 or some-more will accept a practical shout-out and unchanging standing updates about product availability. Donors who oath between $45 and $449 will accept a practical shout-out, standing updates, and an appealing Orchid t-shirt. Preorders for Orchid Satellite and Orchid Master lamps start during $450 and $525 respectively for a initial 40 people who pledge, and change to $500 and $575 respectively after that.

source ⦿ http://www.solidstatelightingdesign.com/purillume-kickstarter-product-offers-ultimate-lamp-flexibility/

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