Real-life friends move a satirical chaff in in ‘Let’s Be Cops’

August 10, 2014 - table lamp

Call it “Law and Disorder.” In “Let’s Be Cops,” opening Wednesday, Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson play dual 30-year-old losers who enclose military uniforms for a dress celebration and find that a dress give them a management to get divided with roughly anything. Soon, however, they run afoul of a genuine crime trainer (James D’Arcy) — and, as it does in movies, all goes to ruin in a handbasket from there.

It’s a turn on a informed buddy-cop formula, and a plan reteams Wayans and Johnson, who both star alongside Zooey Deschanel in a Fox sitcom “New Girl.” Wayans shot a show’s commander — and usually a commander — in 2011, though left to title a ABC array “Happy Endings.” After that was canceled final year, he returned to “New Girl” and now serves as a regular.

The Post put Wayans and Johnson in siege (at a four-star hotel), incited on a prohibited lights (table lamp) and grilled them about a film, their attribute and “New Girl.”

Are we guys friends in genuine life?

Damon Wayans: Uh, associates. He likes to call us “friends.”

Jake Johnson: We’re best friends.

DW: We’re not best friends. We’re associates. we can literally go an whole week though articulate to him.

JJ: Yeah, though it’s weird.

DW: It is weird. We’re friends. We’re unequivocally good friends.

What do we like to do together off a set?

JJ: We see any other so most for work. We star on a TV uncover together, we’re leads in a film and we do press for both. If we hung out outward of that, it would be so weird.

DW: Our poignant others would be like, “Are we guys f - - king?”

JJ: My mother knows when I’m with Damon too much, since she says when we come back, we pronounce like a opposite person. I’ll have a stroke of a pieces that we do.

DW: We usually do jokes all day prolonged [at work]. we giggle all a time with this guy.

Was there any perplexity to do this film together since we work together on “New Girl”?

DW: No, since we’d usually shot a commander together [when “Let’s Be Cops” was shot], and aside from that, we hadn’t worked together in dual years. Then this fell in a lap, and we . . . knew we were going to have a blast.

This film is rated R. Was that freeing, carrying worked on television?

DW: Honestly, one of a large things that drew me to a film was that it had a intensity to be rated R. We shot dual versions of a movie. One was PG-13 and one was R. Thankfully that stage we did in a Ace Hardware store solidified a R rating.

That’s a stage in that an overweight, exposed male tackles Wayans during a hardware store spoliation and dangles his privates in a actor’s face. Where’d we find that guy?

DW: Um, Jake Johnson’s phone book.

Was that stage unpleasant, Damon?

DW: we didn’t adore it. Whatever creates a laughs happen. we took dual for a team. Three? No, four, if we count a butthole.

How will a subsequent deteriorate of “New Girl” differ from a last?

JJ: The writers are essay it as they go. So we usually uncover adult and see it during a list read.

DW: They keep us in a dark, usually like people who watch a show. We don’t know anything until a part is shooting. “Oh, so this is what Jess [Zooey Deschanel] is doing now.”

Is a intrigue between Jake’s character, Nick, and Jess dead?

DW: Yeah, we consider they’re going divided from that for a residue of this season. we don’t know for sure, though as of now, they’re usually homies.

Last question: Have possibly of we ever had any genuine brushes with a law?

DW: Come on, man. Of course. I’m brown. End of story.

JJ: And of course, man. No. I’m vanilla. End of story.

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