Review: Philips Hue Wellner is a HomeKit list flare with a fun design, though tone costs extra

April 24, 2018 - table lamp

Philips Hue isn’t only a line of intelligent bulbs — a collection also includes a accumulation of finish intelligent lighting solutions including list lamps. Hue Go is a renouned choice with a unstable design, while Hue Wellner trades portability for a incomparable and engaging design…

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Both Hue lamps cost underneath $100 and work with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa when used with Hue’s Smart Bridge (sold separately or included in tuber starter bundles). Hue Go now sells for $78 while Hue Wellner goes for $88, though a pricier flare indeed offers reduction out-of-the-box.

Hue Go includes a built-in dimmable LED that supports both tone and white light; Hue Wellner includes a replaceable Hue white ambience A19 tuber that supports opposite temperatures of white (cool to warm) though no colors.

Wellner’s A19/E26 bulbs do put out some-more light during adult to 800 lumens contra Go’s 300 lumen rating, and we can supplement tone changing to Wellner with a self-supplied Hue tone and white ambience E26 bulb.

The other disproportion is Go is unstable as a name implies. It can run on wall energy or be used on battery for adult to 3 hours. Wellner has a singular pattern though is connected like a normal list lamp.

Wellner is also noticeably heftier. It’s done from potion and not plastic, weighs 3.12 pounds contra 1.98 pounds, and measures 7.6-inches H x 10.6-inches L x 10.6-inches W compared to 3.1-inches H x 5.9-inches L x 5.9-inches W. (For reference, likewise sized HomePod is 6.8-inches H and weighs 5.5-pounds.)

Overall we cite a distance and element of Wellner and conclude a pebble-like pattern — generally if we never devise on relocating it around — though we wish it enclosed a tone and white ambience tuber and not a white ambience bulb. Go is a improved choice of a two if you’re going for a many facilities during a best price, though Wellner is a neat choice if we don’t caring about portability or tone but profitable extra.

See an instance of very fast tone changing powered by a third-party app and appendage tuber below:

Phillips Hue Wellner Table Lamp + Hue tone tuber + OnSwitch app

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Philips Hue Wellner Table Lamp frequently retails for $99.99 while Hue Go Portable Light frequently retails for $79.99. Color effects powered by OnSwitch for iPhone that is giveaway on a App Store.

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