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May 19, 2018 - table lamp

If you’re into a style, a Philips Hue Wellner flare can be a decent approach to approach to enhance an existent Hue setup, yet it’s not many good to people who haven’t invested — or devise to deposit — in a ecosystem.

As a rule, intelligent bulbs are customarily sole on their possess or in kits with other bulbs, infrequently as partial of a package with a control hub. Manufacturers assume that we already have a flare or other tie to screw them into.

Philips has a outrageous lighting division, though, and it creates clarity that they would be means to sell we both products during a same time. Enter a Hue Wellner, nominally a one-stop resolution for intelligent lighting. Included is a flare and a Hue White Ambiance bulb.

People informed with Hue will notice a vital repudiation though: a Hue Bridge. While we can theoretically span a White Ambiance with a Hue dimmer switch and leave things be, that’d be crazy — we competence as good have bought a required lamp. Essential smarthome functions like timers, remote access, and formation with Apple HomeKit need a Bridge, that costs $52 from

If we do have a Bridge, a Wellner becomes palatable. Via a Hue iPhone and iPad app, or Apple’s possess Home app, we can allot a flare to a room and wobble it into elaborate scenes and automations. Some functions are singular to a Hue app, such as light “Wake up” and “Go to sleep” routines, or displaying a lighting stage on colors pulled from an picture in your camera roll.

In fact reviewing a Wellner reminded us of how singular a iOS Home app is. Nothing like “Wake up” is probable in Apple’s software, given lights are possibly on or off in scenes and automations, even if we can collect a tone and liughtness for particular bulbs. That’s a shame, since we enjoyed being woken adult gently.

Some people might be unhappy that Philips doesn’t embody a full-color bulb, yet a White Ambiance is substantially some-more than adequate for many people. It delivers cold and comfortable tone temperatures along a white spectrum, with an importance on relating a time of day.

At a limit 800 lumens, there are brighter LED options available, and a bulb’s energy is serve discontinued by a Wellner’s frosted glass. That pronounced we found it to be amply splendid for settings like a desktop or bedroom, with a frosting formulating a appreciative soothing diffusion.

There are a few cautions to make about a lamp’s design. First be warned that it’s all glass, lacking even some arrange of hold on a bottom to keep it from shifting around. Avoid fixation it anywhere there’s a risk of it acrobatics to a ground, or we might have to brush adult an costly mess.

Also, a visible interest isn’t universal. we was a fan, yet my mother wasn’t, and even if everybody is onboard it might not compare your decor. It works good with ultra-modern homes yet can strife with country furniture.

Lastly it has a outrageous footprint, that can simply browbeat nightstands or tiny desks. Picture a partly deflated basketball and you’ve got a right dimensions.


The Wellner is a potentially appealing lamp, yet inherently crippled but a Bridge. Adding that can pull a cost to as many as $160, that isn’t value it unless we positively insist on a lamp’s aesthetic.

I’d usually severely cruise a Wellner if you’ve got a Bridge in draw and wish both a looks and White Ambiance effects. Otherwise you’re improved off selling a Hue Starter Kit and pairing it with your aged lamps, and/or selling for cheaper, neutral flare designs.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

Where to buy

The Philips Hue Wellner is now on sale for $87.29 during, a bonus of 13 percent off MSRP. Best Buy also has a intelligent list flare for $90.99 with giveaway shipping or in-store pickup.

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