Rich Martinez, a ‘Ol Miner,’ dies during 82

April 3, 2017 - table lamp

Rich Martinez, a maestro of about 5 decades in Park City mining and a primogenitor of an extended family of 115 members, died in Francis, Utah, on Tuesday, Mar 28. He was 82.

Rich is substantially best famous in Park City for his purpose in a annual mucking and drilling foe during City Park. He orderly a foe for many years and gave a play-by-play, explaining a intricacies of mining to neophytes examination from a bleachers on Miners Day.

But in an progressing epoch he owned it. Consider: In a 23-year camber from 1957 by 1979, The Park Record carried a formula of a Labor Day mucking and drilling competition 19 times. In those 19 articles, Rich is listed as a leader of a jackleg drilling competition 12 times and as possibly a second- or third-place finisher 5 times. In 1975 he didn’t make a tip 3 in drilling nonetheless won a mucking contest. Only in 1978 is his name blank from a tip 3 in both categories.

Rich was not bashful about staking his explain to a place in Park City history. His many new permit image announced: “PC LEGND.” Over a years his and his wife’s plates enclosed other classics such as “OL’ MINER” and “9 KIDS.”

He was a dedicated family male who doted on his wife, Leona, his children and their spouses, grandchildren and their spouses, great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild. He and Leona bought any one a Christmas benefaction even after their brood reached triple digits.

He was a means storyteller who desired a good joke, even if he was a punch line. His high-pitched giggle punctuated many conversations.

Rich was a male of contradictions. He grew adult in a vigourous domicile nonetheless was a peaceful male who removed removing into usually one quarrel in his life. He graduated from high propagandize when Park City mining was in giveaway tumble nonetheless managed to make mining his career. He was a righteous Mormon who never drank or smoked, nonetheless in a 1970s he owned and operated The Cozy, one of Park City’s iconic watering holes. He was a Park City internal nonetheless never resented a call of newcomers who altered a impression of his town.

“Oh, we adore a town. we adore a town,” he pronounced in a 2009 interview. “I’m substantially one of a few old-timers that desired what’s duty to Park City.”

On Daly Avenue he was famous as a owners of a magnificent purple house. He took pleasure in festooning a extraneous with ostentatious ornaments during certain times of a year.

“Not usually for Christmas, nonetheless Halloween and spring,” he pronounced with a twinkle. “And substantially many people think, ‘What kind of a jester lives here?’ Well, they usually have to demeanour during a residence – purple house, we know – and they’re already meditative that.”

Richard Martinez was innate on Jan. 28, 1935, in a residence his relatives were renting on Daly Avenue, improved famous in those days as Empire Canyon. He was delivered by Rose Smith, a midwife who lived subsequent door.

Rich used to fun that his mother, Mabel, always wanted a girl. “My mother, in her life, has never got anything she unequivocally liked, including me,” he once said. “I remember, when we was usually a tiny a kid, we used to get a doll and we used to get dishes – these tiny tin dishes.”

His mom finally got her wish on Jan. 4, 1938: a tiny girl, Deanna. But she lived usually 9 days. Rich pronounced she had some kind of deterrent and couldn’t swallow. Except for that nine-day period, he was an usually child.

In this rough-and-tumble mining town, Rich’s father, Alfonzo (Fonce), was famous as one of a toughest guys around.

“My father was never a man that we ever seen in my lifetime go looking for a fight, nonetheless he would never behind down from one either,” Rich said. “My father had a repute and he had to urge it each Saturday night.”

Fonce was a miner until early conflict arthritis forced him to find other work. Later he worked as a barkeeper in many Park City establishments, including The Cozy.

Growing adult in a 1940s, Rich played with a children of other miners, exploring a detritus of deserted mining operations, sport for rabbits, personification basketball, and going to cinema during a Egyptian Theatre when dual pieces would get we a ticket, popcorn and a drink. On many Friday evenings he would tag his guns and his fishing poles on a handlebars of his bike and float to his grandparents’ residence – his mother’s relatives – in Heber.

Rich attended a Marsac School (now City Hall) and Park City High School (now home of a Park City Library). When he was in a seventh class he landed a pursuit operative for $35 a month for Bill Mawhinney, who owned a automobile dealership and use sinecure opposite Park Avenue from a high school. At 16 he bought his initial car, a ’36 Chevy, for $50.

By a time he was a junior, Rich was a starter on a high propagandize basketball and football teams.

Among Rich’s classmates was a petite blonde, Leona Hall. He pronounced they had their initial date in fifth grade, started dating usually in a seventh class and got married on Jul 3, 1953, about dual months after graduating from high school.

By that time he had a pursuit with a New Park Mine nonetheless his sum net value was usually $40. “And a thing about it was, this forty bucks was not usually to get us by a honeymoon, nonetheless we had to live on it ’til we got another check, too, from a mine,” he said.

With a automobile borrowed from Leona’s brother, he said, they headed north, spending their marriage night in a $4 motel in Montpelier, Idaho. He pronounced they managed to lapse dual days after with adequate income to final until his subsequent paycheck.

Rich and Leona squandered no time in starting a family. “I consider in 4 years we had 4 kids born,” he said.

The initial dual were girls, Deanna and Jana Rae. Then came dual boys, Rick and Clark. Not prolonged after that, as Leona removed in an interview, they had a third boy, Crae, and afterwards another girl, Robyn.

“My mom said, ‘Now, Leona, you’ve got 3 girls and you’ve got 3 boys and there are no other kind. If you’re looking for another kind, we aren’t goin’ to get it.’ … And afterwards we told her we were goin’ to have another.”

Actually, they had 3 more: Cori Ann, Trent and Holly.

Rich described a stage during a dusk dish this way: “We had a list set adult in a kitchen for 11 of us and we always had to feed some-more kids than that, given a kids would move kids home,” he said.

To strech an even dozen during a cooking table, they after hosted Margie King, a Navajo girl, for about 3 or 4 years. Rich removed revelation his boss, Bob Birkbeck, about Margie entrance to live with them.

“He usually shook his head. ‘You’ve got to be a craziest man on earth,’ he said. ‘You’ve got 9 kids and you’re going to take another one?'”

Meanwhile, Rich was creation a vital using a jackleg cavalcade low underground. His initial workplace, a New Park Mine, was a sweatshop in a truest clarity of a word, with geothermal H2O heating a workings to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“You would come out of there during night and we were usually like a soppy washrag – we were wrung right out,” he said.

When a New Park close down in 1956, laying off about 150 miners, including Rich, he tracked down a superintendent of United Park City Mines (UPCM), who was looking for a few good men, and managed to remonstrate him that he was one of them.

“I was a man that was 6 feet four, 240 pounds, and was a man that we knew would stir anybody, if they were hiring,” he said.

He went to work in a Ontario Mine, essentially “running drift” for new ore bodies around a No. 5 shaft. He pronounced he worked nonetheless a respirator or correct conference protection.

“That’s essentially since we can’t hear today. we can hear a low sounds, nonetheless we can’t hear a high sounds,” he pronounced in 2009.
At a finish of a 1950s, Rich left a mines to take a pursuit in Salt Lake City with a association that specialized in building steel structures.
“I didn’t know zero about welding or slicing or anything like that,” he pronounced “And we schooled that down during Chicago Bridge and Iron.”
About dual years later, Rich was among a organisation of workers laid off during Chicago Bridge. But his new skills served him good when it came to anticipating another job.
“I came behind adult to Park City and they had an opening for a welder adult in a Judge shop. And we put in an focus for that and we got it.”
The Judge Machine Shop was located in Empire Canyon, not distant from Rich’s residence on Daly Avenue, that had been built by his grandfather in 1923. Although a circuitously Judge Mill had been distant in a early 1940s, UPCM had continued to use a appurtenance emporium to correct and fashion apparatus for several internal mines.

In a brief duration that Rich worked in Salt Lake City, his exhausted hometown had begun a vital transformation. In 1961 UPCM had shaped a new distraction association to rise 10,000 acres of aspect skill for skiing and other sports. And in 1962 a association landed a $1.23 million sovereign loan to assistance financial a construction of a new resort.

Although a agreement to build a resort’s 144-car gondola went to a European company, many of a other apparatus was finished by Utah companies including UPCM itself. Rich pronounced he spent many of his time between 1962 and 1964 building and repair tools for what became famous as Treasure Mountains.

“We built a C1 and C2 chairlifts while we was there. They were particularly built right in a Judge Shop and afterwards commissioned adult on a mountain. And we focussed all a chairs and finished all that things for ’em.”
Rich was concerned in repair or constructing several other poignant projects around Park City.
“Through my lifetime, all that I’ve done, we was never fearful to try something new… It got to a indicate where we could daydream in my mind anything we wanted to build,” he said.
One of a many technical jobs was reconstructing an atmosphere compressor flywheel that had to be cut in half to fit by tunnels heading into a Ontario Mine. Engineers told Rich he would not be means to put it behind together to emanate a ideal sphere. However, he managed to coupling it behind together within 1/3,000th of an in. of a ideal sphere, and it continued to duty until UPCM closed.
Another instance of Rich’s handiwork is still in use in City Park.

“The superintendent of a cave … came to me … and he said, ‘Rich, can we pattern us an ore automobile and make a griddle out of it?'”

Rich pronounced he and his co-workers mutated dual five-ton ore cars “so they could have a glow in a center of them and prepare on a tip of them. … They still use them on a Fourth of Jul and Labor Day or whenever they want. We built those right adult in a Judge Shop.”

When Bob Birkbeck late as director of a appurtenance shop, UPCM named Rich to reinstate him. The appurtenance emporium eventually altered into a new building during a Ontario Mine.

For about dual decades, in further to his full-time pursuit during a mine, Rich gathering around Park City twice a day delivering a Salt Lake daily newspapers – a morning Salt Lake Tribune and a dusk Deseret News – to internal subscribers.

That pursuit not usually put him in a business of swelling a news. It also put him in a position to accumulate news, nonetheless not a kind that finished a paper. When it came to meaningful what was going on in Park City, he was roughly adult there with a write switchboard operator.

“It got to where, we know, we knew everybody in town,” he said. “And deliverin’ a newspapers, I’d go to their houses monthly and collect for a newspaper. So I’d get to speak to a lot of ’em.”

Like many Park City businessmen of a time, Rich had to onslaught to change his books.

“I’d keep their papers goin’ even nonetheless they didn’t have any income and couldn’t compensate a paper bill. I’d keep a thing goin’ for months. And some of them held their bills behind up, and some of them didn’t,” he said.

As if that wasn’t enough, in 1966 Rich practical for a midterm cavity on a city legislature and was allocated by Mayor Tom Sullivan.

In those days, he said, a city ran on a shoestring. He constructed a duplicate of a 1967 bill display that city revenues that year were $92,876 and a military department’s sum expenditures were $25,649.

Rich’s believe of a mines finished him irreplaceable, given a tunnels were a source of many of a town’s celebration water. He was also peaceful to take on jobs that no one else was peaceful to do, such as volunteering to offer as dog catcher given a city had no income to sinecure anyone. He was reelected to a legislature several times and served a sum of 16 years.

In 1972 Rich took on nonetheless another plea when he and his father bought The Cozy from longtime owners Hugh Steele. By this time a ski review had been using for roughly 10 years, nonetheless many of a old-fashioned miners were still heedful of a longhaired newcomers, generally in places such as The Cozy that they regarded as their possess turf.

“When me and my father went in there … a opinion was, ‘Hey, if we wish to come in and have a drink and act yourself, fine, come on,'” he said.

Rich pronounced he fast schooled that using a bar came with a share of hassles.

“To run a business you’ve got to hang with it and see where everything’s goin’. And that’s what was happenin’ with me. we wasn’t knowin’ where all was goin’.”

By a late 1970s, owning a bar was starting to wear on both Rich and his father. About that time, he said, he was approached by Jack Dozier, afterwards a principal during Park City High School, whose name is now trustworthy to a school’s football field.

Dozier moonlighted as a developer and had visions of formulating a place in Park City for his sister, Sue Haygood, who was a master chef.

“And he knew that we owned The Cozy,” Rich said. “He said, ‘Why don’t we open adult a restaurant? Why don’t we rip The Cozy down and open adult a restaurant?'”

One weekend in May 1979, Rich borrowed a Caterpillar 950 loader from a cave and incited a wood-frame building into matchsticks.

“Our speculation was to get it down, get it spotless adult and get a new building sitting there before anybody even knew about it,” he said. “The devise was to have a new building in place by Christmas.”

But people noticed. There was an cheer among everybody from drink drinkers to preservationists.

“You can go behind by some of a Park Records,” he said. “One author there wrote that they could hear a aged miners groanin’ and screamin’ when they tore The Cozy Tavern down.” When a subcontractor set adult wooden forms to flow petrify footings for a new building, demonstrators set glow to them.

Nevertheless, with a assistance of Rich’s 9 kids, a partners fake forward with their new restaurant, The Carbide Lamp. They flashy it with aged maps, rejected drills, tiny ore cars and other equipment discovered from a mines. From a association in Denver, Rich bought carbide lamps – that a miners used to wear on their helmets – and converted them into list lamps. The grill non-stop in Dec 1979.

However, it wasn’t prolonged before Dozier announced that he wanted out of a grill business and sole his share to Rich. Like The Cozy before it, The Carbide Lamp incited out to be some-more of a headache than a money-maker.

“And we finally usually close it down and sole it. We knew we couldn’t run it. It was too many of a pursuit for us to run.”

After appropriation The Carbide Lamp, a new owners altered a name nonetheless continued to run it as a grill for a while, Rich said. Since afterwards a building has housed several opposite sell businesses.

“So that’s about a border of The Carbide Lamp,” he said. “It was a large try for me, we know. When you’re young, we consider we can tackle a world, nonetheless when we get comparison we learn, ‘What a ruin did we get in that for?’

“But when we get by to a finish of your life we comprehend that, well, if we wasn’t in that, we wouldn’t be where we am now, or clamp versa. There’s things that occur in your life that change your paths, where we finish up, what we do and where we go.

“So it was a good experience. It’s a few stories that I’ve got that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t have finished it.”

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