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A male charged in a 1988 abduction and rape of a 10-year-old lady was found guilty in Elkhart Superior Court 3 on Wednesday, Dec. 17, of child seduction and rapist confinement, both Class B felonies. 


Suspect pleads guilty to rape assign in 1988 case

Cold-case rape solved

Robert Quinn, 52, was charged with rape, child seduction and rapist capture in Mar 2013. Earlier this week, Quinn pleaded guilty to a rape charge, a Class A felony, according to justice records. He waived his right to a jury conference on a other dual charges. 

Quinn’s profession filed a suit to boot a child seduction and rapist capture charges, arguing a government of stipulations had lapsed since a crime in doubt happened roughly 27 years ago. 

While a government of stipulations for many crimes is 5 years, a 2001 Indiana law provides an prolongation for cases in that new techniques for examining justification turn accessible that were not accessible during a time of a initial investigation. Investigators have one year to record charges after they find justification that can be tested underneath new methods. 

In this case, that justification was DNA from semen found on a victim’s nightgown, underwear and a rinse cloth she used to purify herself after a attack, several witnesses testified.

Quinn’s profession argued that a DNA justification and a record to exam it were both accessible before a tests were finally achieved in 2012. Therefore, a one-year prolongation had already run out.

Prosecutors argued that investigators during a Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department didn’t know samples from a conflict had been kept during a crime lab in Indianapolis and that a crime log’s reserve of cases prevented analysts from contrast aged justification hold in storage. 

After a five-hour hearing, Judge George Biddlecome denied a defense’s suit to boot and began a dais trial. Quinn had formerly waived his right to a conference by jury.

The victim, now a 37-year-old mom of two, testified that on a dusk of Mar 5, 1988, her relatives were attending an eventuality out of city and left her home alone with her 13-year-old hermit and despotic instructions to stay inside their home, that was located nearby a intersection of S.R. 19 and C.R. 16 only west of Elkhart, with a doors locked.

The plant pronounced she had stayed adult examination radio after her hermit went to bed and fell defunct a tiny after 11 p.m. on a vital room couch.

She awoke to a shrill noise, though before she could figure out what was going on someone threw something over her face, picked her adult and carried her “under his arm like a football” out of a residence and into a watchful car.

The male gathering her to a isolated area that was dim and had a lot of trees, where he raped her in a front chair of a car, she said.

When she attempted to mislay a cloak her abductor had put over her head, she says he punched her in a face and told her to close adult and stop great or he would kill her family, she testified.

After a attack, he gathering her behind to her area and forsaken her off during a video store in front of her house. When she incited around to see who he was, a male gathering away “like a bat out of hell,” a plant said. 

She never saw her enemy face, though she saw his wild, thick hair backlit by a travel flare and felt a scratchy mustache when he kissed her during a attack.

The victim’s father testified that when he and her mom arrived home around 2 or 3 a.m. on Mar 6, they saw a front doorway was ajar and knew something was wrong.

They found a plant in her room and she looked “spaced-out.” The girl’s mom told him to call 911.

Gary Kenawell, who was a on-call questioner a night of a attack, pronounced he arrived during a family’s home in a early morning hours of Mar 6, 1988. There, officers collected justification including a girl’s nightgown, dual pairs of underwear, a bloody washcloth and a bloody square of toilet paper. 

The officers also documented repairs to a home’s wooden front doorway and a lock, partial of that was found on a building inside a house. They also remarkable footprints in a mud outward a vital room window, as if someone had been station there looking into a house, Kenawell said.

No suspects were immediately identified. The review went cold and was personal as “inactive” several months later.

In 2011, a plant started looking for her medical annals from when she was taken to a sanatorium a night of her attack. 

“I wanted to know how many repairs had been done,” she said.

She contacted a sheriff’s department, who contacted Kenawell. At this time Kenawell, who is now retired, was afterwards operative as an questioner for a Elkhart County Prosecutor’s office.

Kenawell began looking into a box and detected that while many of a justification had been destroyed, some tiny samples had been defended during a Indiana State Police crime lab in Indianapolis.

Those samples were re-tested and came adult as a compare for Quinn, who was incarcerated at a New Castle Correctional Facility on a release defilement for a 2005 child seduction case.

An Elkhart County debate dilettante went to a jail and took a DNA representation from Quinn for confirmation. Again, it was a compare to a semen found on a victim’s clothing.

Quinn sat silently by many of a proceedings, slouching somewhat during a invulnerability list in a navy blue jail uniform. He testified quickly during a conference on a suit to boot a charges and gave brief replies to a attorney’s questions in a soothing voice.

He did not attest during a trial. The invulnerability did not call any witnesses.

Quinn will be condemned Feb. 5. 

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