Roche Bobois celebrates 40 years of Ettore Sottsass ‘Valiglia’ lamp

March 6, 2017 - table lamp

‘Valigia’ list flare from Roche Bobois. — Picture pleasantness of Roche Bobois/AFP ROME, Mar 5 — Design fans have dual anniversaries to applaud in 2017, with a centenary of a birth of engineer and designer Ettore Sottsass, owner of a Memphis movement, and a 40th anniversary of a Italian designer’s “Valiglia” lamp.

Furniture and interior pattern dilettante Roche Bobois is reissuing a iconic flare for a occasion.

The “Valiglia” list flare initial saw a light of day in 1977. Although a flare might not seem so insubordinate today, it was heralded as a pitch of groundbreaking modernity when initial released.

Easy to pierce from room to room, “Valiglia” pennyless with a tradition for complicated seat designed to stay in one room of a house. In fact, a name “Valiglia,” definition container in Italian, nods to this fundamental mobility, along with a hoop on tip of a lamp.

Best-known in a red and black version, “Valiglia” is set to lapse in a new black and white colour combination.

Ettore Sottsass was a pivotal inciter of a Memphis movement. Founded in a early 1980s, The Memphis Group sought to plea a despotic pattern codes of a day with a post-modernist character regulating colorful emblem and asymmetrical shapes.

Taking a name from a Bob Dylan strain and one of a oldest and many critical cities in ancient Egypt, a transformation sought to elicit a fame of ancient civilisations while also sketch impulse from Pop Art elements of US culture.

The movement’s creations are characterised by kitsch and colorful designs, with joyous and fun pieces mostly laced with humor. Memphis designs were frequently multicolored, done use of new materials and were mostly constructed in singular editions.

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