Rogers’ creativity extends to ancient wood

August 17, 2015 - table lamp

Rogers creates

Rogers creates

L.P. Rogers is shown in 2011 with a handmade flare shade and a outrageous ancient cypress stump, one of many from that he creates his timber furnishings.

Posted: Monday, Aug 17, 2015 4:46 pm

Rogers’ creativity extends to ancient wood

By Mildred Browder Hughes

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BROWNTOWN, S.C. – One of a best places to spend a summer afternoon is on a front porch of an aged two-story home in a Browntown Community, now a home of a L.P. Rogers, who calls himself a “wood artisan.”

The zephyr is welcomed from a shade of a large, aged pecan trees, and eventually a speak turns from a story of a Browntown Community, on State Road 341 about half approach between Lake City and Johnsonville, to a horde and his achievements.

To prove one’s curiosity, they are invited into a home to see samples of Roger’s work. Entering a corridor of a home it is scarcely unfit to pierce past a narrow, prolonged list opposite a wall. Sensing there is something surprising about a table, a doubt arises, as it does so mostly on a grand tour, “Mr. Rogers, did we make this table?”

“Yes,” he replies in his soothing Southern voice.

Visitors simply observe a satin well-spoken tip of a list as against to a rest of a timber and doubt him about that underline in particular. The list is done of ancient cypress taken from subterraneous in a circuitously area, where it has been secluded for 20-40 centuries.

The outward pieces of a list are left in their healthy state, not finished, yet designed with a pickling routine regulating white paint. The tip of a list has been finished to a satin shine. Sitting atop a list are dual lamps he created, again with pieces of a ancient cypress wood.

Rogers has many pieces of seat in his home that he has designed or refinished. On a left side of a gymnasium is his bedroom and he proudly shows off a high four-poster bed he designed and made, featuring yellow jasmine entwined around a posts, that are surfaced with a state’s Palmetto Tree. A partial of his honour in this plan is that he cut a walnut trees from that a bed is made, authorised them to dry over time and afterwards incited a post.

He has relating lamps in a room, done of a locally found ancient cypress.

One of his many superb pieces of dexterity is a lectern, designed and combined for a State House during a administration of former Governor Mark Sanford. That sold square of dexterity enclosed a alone forged state sign trustworthy to a front.

Rogers is a plant of robust dystrophy, yet he has not authorised this to moderate his spirits.

As a tyro during Clemson, he began to have problems and forsaken out of ROTC after his second year, yet he graduated Clemson in ’59 with a grade forestry science. He was intent in a forestry attention until his father indispensable his assistance with his building element business in Florence.

His uncle left him his timber operative apparatus and a qualification grew into a hobby that he has continued.

“I have been consecrated to do some flattering good things, of that we am properly proud. A crony and we will shortly set adult a production shop, if things go as expected, to understanding with ancient cypress,” Rogers said.

Although he spends most time in a circle chair as he continues to recuperate from new surgery, Rogers will continue his formulating in wood, he said.

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Monday, Aug 17, 2015 4:46 pm.

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