Room for Living winners suffer their makeovers

March 12, 2017 - table lamp

Three Daily Herald readers perceived vast upgrades in their homes over a winter, interjection to a inexhaustible sponsors of a tumble Room for Living contest. All had created in and sent photos of a “problem areas” within their homes and were eventually selected to win specific packages.

Living room makeover

Cindy Walk of Fox Lake was a leader of a grand esteem critical room makeover valued during some-more than $8,000. She and her husband, Jim, have dual children, including a 4-year-old with special needs. They have lived in their home given 2004.

“I adore it!” she says of her renovated critical room. “But it is an adjustment. No one can eat in a critical room anymore.”

The Walks perceived a $4,000 present certificate from Steinhafels seat store in Vernon Hills and used it to squeeze a grayish line-up blue sectional with a chaise loll during one end, a storage ottoman, a light ash rocking chair and a unsettled timber side table. They also purchased a country grate console with doors and shelves. Its unnatural glow helps feverishness a home and there’s room to mountain a radio above it.

“They wanted a country residence feel so she fabricated a comfortable and cozy, though fun, room,” pronounced Anne Hildreth, pattern consultant for Steinhafels. “The sectional with a chaise, for instance, allows them to flog their feet adult and relax and it has balmy corners for their special needs daughter. We put a textured navy blue and cream patterned chuck sham with it.

“The grate radio console adds an architectural component and focal indicate to a room and indeed acts as a space heater, too. The grate is an LED screen, that simulates a fire,” she said.

Walk combined a rocker given her daughter mostly needs to be rocked in sequence to palliate her, Hildreth said.

“Cindy was so beholden for any dollar of product we gave her. She was a nicest, many honourable chairman who could have won. we felt good about myself after we helped her,” Hildreth said.

Mel Alger of Alger Decorating in Palatine agreed, vehemence about how gratified he was to paint a room and assistance this winner, who was awfully grateful. “I always like to take time out to do this kind of work for good people.

“Cindy chose paint for her critical room and adjoining dining room that is somewhere between gray and tan. In certain lights, it looks bluish-gray and in other lights it looks tan. It is flattering cool,” Alger said.

The Walks also perceived a $2,000 present certificate from Yonan Carpet One in Rolling Meadows.

“When Cindy primarily came to see me, we discussed all of her options for area rugs and what Yonan Carpet One could do,” pronounced Julie Boyko, engineer and flooring consultant for Yonan. “I let her know that watchful until her new seat was in her home was a best approach to establish a character and distance of a area curtain she would need.

“Cindy returned to a salon with a lounge fabric, accent pillow, paint colors and photographs of her room. After looking during many styles of curtain in a showroom, we suggested that she move home several samples of a curtain styles she favourite and demeanour during them in her home environment and lighting,” she said.

In a end, a Walks chose a fun and smart character of curtain by Fabrica for a color, durability, palliate of upkeep and lush feel. Yonan Carpet One also supposing custom-fitted stuffing for underneath a area rug, that contributes to comfort, binds a curtain in place and protects a hardwood building from scratches.

“The curtain facilities artistic swirls of color,” Walk said. “I also got a relating curtain for my galley kitchen given a curtain had to be cut down to fit in my critical room.”

And when it came to lighting, a Walks perceived dual 19-inch Bright Source lamps in immature with sparkles from Lifespan Brands. They put them in their master bedroom (away from a children) and used a $2,000 present certificate from Littman Bros. Lighting in Schaumburg for a critical room.

“The Bright Source lamps yield dual lighting practice in one lamp. The suit prejudiced of a flare emits a relaxing, balmy soothing light, while a list flare gives off a splendid light ideal for any charge — reading, operative and more,” pronounced Jennifer Courington, clamp boss of selling and product growth for Lifespan.

“We are so vehement that we were means to attend in a room makeover competition with a Daily Herald. The propitious leader got to collect out dual opposite lamps to adorn her newly remodeled room. We wish these lamps move her family fun and light for years to come,” Courington added.

The Walks chose coordinating rustic, bronze-colored contemporary Quoizel wrought iron lighting featuring butterscotch onyx shades from Littman Bros.

They can't have any building lamps given of their daughter so they perceived a candelabrum for a dining room and relating sconces and pendants for a critical room. The Walks also chose a 54-inch roof fan for a critical room.

The Walk family also perceived a $100 present certificate from Treetime Christmas Creations in Lake Barrington to ascent their holiday decor.

“I am so in adore with my new critical room. It all came together beautifully. This was a outrageous present to us,” Cindy said.

Bathtub/shower acclimatisation package

Betsy Lewis of Batavia perceived a prejudiced lavatory makeover package valued during $6,500, interjection to a Room for Living contest.

“My whole knowledge with a deputy and designation of my cylinder were wonderful. we was means to demeanour during mixed patterns and colors for a aspect that was going to be on a walls around my tub. Since my aged bathtub was pinkish and a tiles were tiny white squares, we was looking to refurbish a look,” Lewis said.

The whole lavatory antiquated to a 1950s with tiny tiles and white grouting and it stood out like a bruise ride compared to a rest of Lewis’ updated home.

“I chose a pleasing white with some gray movement in it and a silken surface. The new white cylinder and walls demeanour amazing. The people who rubbed a designation were prompt, well-behaved and spotless all adult when they were finished,” she said.

Lewis also perceived a $1,000 flooring package from Yonan Carpet One.

“I chose vast block tiles in white for a building and partway adult a wall behind a toilet. Previously, there was a vast tile trim square where a wall and building met, though a new approach is to boundary a same tile adult opposite any other there. No trim piece. The man who commissioned it for Yonan was a loyal artist,” she said.

Lewis already had a white penetrate and toilet and had white stone residence on some of a walls and she took it on herself to paint a top apportionment of a walls a dark blue.

“My lavatory looks like it belongs in a hotel or a spa. It is positively beautiful! we am over happy,” she added.

“We are anxious to be means to teach a open about options for their stream or destiny homes. We have fanciful showering and bath solutions that scarcely everybody can advantage from and feel unequivocally advantageous to be means to give divided a lavatory transform to a honourable reader,” pronounced Dimitri Nacopoulus, owners of Bath Planet.

“We unequivocally suffer reading a entrants’ acquiescence stories and looking by their pictures. But a best prejudiced for us is to demeanour during a before-and-after cinema once a installer is done. It’s a unequivocally rewarding knowledge for all of us here during Bath Planet,” he said.

Lewis also perceived an iConnect by Detecto, 8-in-1 physique fat scale from Lifespan Brands.

“We feel that carrying a attractive scale complements a lavatory and is an critical prejudiced of any lavatory decor,” pronounced Lifespan’s Courington. “This scale, in particular, will give a lavatory leader of a Room for Living competition both collection and discernment into their critical measurements such as weight, BMI, physique fat, bone mass, flesh mass, physique H2O and calorie intake, all displayed in easy-to-follow graphs on their smartphone.”

Lewis also perceived a Detecto iConnect 8-in-1 physique fat scale from Lifespan Brands.

Interior doorway package

Mount Prospect proprietor Lisa Piagari is deliriously happy with her interior doorway package from HomeStory Chicago, valued during $2,500, and her $100 present certificate from Treetime.

“My new doors are gorgeous. It is extraordinary how most they refurbish a house,” Piagari said.

She was means to accept 3 bedroom doors, dual lavatory doors and a washing room doorway with her prize.

“I perceived some-more doors than we even dreamed of,” she said. “I chose two-panel white doors with satin nickel hardware for a bedrooms and bathrooms. For a washing room, that was an peculiar size, we chose a relating bi-fold doorway that has an extraordinary tradition fit now. All of these white doors only make all brighter.

“They are crisp, purify and current,” Piagari added. “I am only thrilled. The disproportion they done in a residence was a smashing surprise.”

She was also rarely nominal about a use she perceived from HomeStory Chicago. “All of their employees were fit and unequivocally friendly. we would like to give all of them a unequivocally vast shout-out.”

Kate Zeller, ubiquitous manager for HomeStory Chicago, was equally gratified with a experience.

“We feel ardent about being means to urge people’s lives in their homes. In addition, we like to give behind to a village by giving someone something they could substantially not differently afford,” she said.

“Ours is a singular use and by participating in a Daily Herald’s Room for Living contest, we are means to let everybody know there is a door-replacement choice for them that does not engage doorway support deputy and is quick, easy and clean,” Zeller said.

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