Rotary Telephone Becomes Stylish Lamp

December 15, 2016 - table lamp

The selected cultured is some-more renouned than ever, and while things like rotary phones aren’t quite useful anymore, there’s a lot of fun to be had regulating them in new and resourceful ways. For this project, [Sander] built an attractive list flare out of a Siemens rotary phone.

Switched off, a flare appears to be zero some-more than a phone with a handset floating in midair. However spin a dial, and LEDs mounted in a receiver start to glow. Taking things a step serve as good hackers do, [Sander] used a motorised potentiometer to control a LED liughtness with a NodeMCU house featuring a ESP8266. This allows a LEDs to be dimmed possibly by hand, or by a smartphone connected over WiFi, though a dial removing out of sync.

By regulating a twin H-bridge setup, a NodeMCU is means to both control a motorized pot as good as beget an AC vigilance to activate a strange bell in a phone, that adds a whole lot of nostalgia points. Fitting a motorized pot into a phone did lend some hurdles though that didn’t delayed [Sander] down – they simply used a inexpensive universal joint to concede a engine to bond to a rotary dial off-axis. A good pretence to keep in your behind pocket.

For a vivid floating effect, [Sander] used a scale of 4 mm coronet rod, tortuous it into figure to reason adult a handset. This was used as a ground, and along with a integrate of additional wires for power, was lonesome in a black weave blanket recovered from another electrical cable. [Sander] tells us it wasn’t a easiest thing to lift off, though we really determine that a outcome is totally value it.

Thirsty for some-more selected ephemera? Check out this rotary phone that runs on GSM. Video next a break.

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