S.A. “Sam” Jernigan: ASAP guestroom makeovers

December 5, 2015 - table lamp

They’re entrance — suitcases in tow.

Better not put off a reshuffle indispensable to accommodate those holiday guest headed your way.

So here are some discerning and inexpensive ideas to debonair adult that gangling room, generally if yours looks like a “before” pattern only now.

First, declutter. Especially as this is mostly a catch-all room and is expected to be over-populated with a hotchpotch of items.

Believe me, nothing’s worse than removing adult in a dim in a bizarre home and bumping into things on your approach to a bathroom!

Excess furniture, like a seldom-used filing cabinet, can mostly fit inside a closet.

Do transparent a nightstand so there’s a serviceable aspect for dungeon phone, books, clock, a beverage, etc., and do supplement a nightstand if there isn’t one currently.

Decluttering will also visually increase a space that is useful as guestrooms are typically on a tiny side.

If you’re deliberation a uninformed cloak of tone for a room — and there is simply no improved approach to inject pizzazz into a space — do name your bedding first; remember, paint can be coloured to any hue.

One elementary resolution is to squeeze a “bed in a bag,” a predesigned collection that typically includes a quilt or duvet cover, dirt scatter and sham shams. Voila, present style, possibly your ambience is contemporary, normal or we wish to inject a “theme” into your room’s décor.

While we might select to refine a new bedding, another discerning choice is to toss them in a dryer with a fabric softener square and damp washcloth (clean, of course!); 5 mins and they’ll smell uninformed and be wrinkle-free.

Next, paint can possibly ring all 4 walls in a nominal paint to coordinate with a bedding, or only paint a focal wall if preferred (typically, a wall behind a bed, nonetheless not all spaces automatically lend themselves to this treatment). Another choice is to prominence a pivotal architectural detail, as we did here in regulating a bluish accent tone on a room’s window support (see photo).

Once a tone story has been tangible by a bedding or maybe a pivotal square of pattern if your bedding is instead neutral, emanate additional wall accessories by upcyling aged frames.

Paint these with a accent tone comparison and use for framing artwork/photos, fabric, selected lace/doilies, or maybe have a counterpart cut to fit.

A vast counterpart will yield your guest with an in-room choice for removing prepared and these are also ideal for brightening any room with singular healthy light.

All sorts of furnishings can play double-duty if you’re wanting to widen those holiday dollars.

Any arrange of tiny accent list can turn a nightstand, a case can be combined to a feet of a bed to keep additional blankets and pillows tighten during palm (tuck in a sachet or cedar block), a building flare or list flare can be brought in from another room.

For a headboard, a discerning cloak of mist paint can reanimate a flea marketplace find, a selected doorway or reclaimed lumber can be deftly repurposed — or we can skip a headboard altogether as this customer inaugurated to do.

(Of course, if you’d cite your houseguests skip quickly, keep a room as-is and hurl a flat sleeping bag out on a floor!)

S.A. “Sam” Jernigan, Interior Designer, IFDA, of Renaissance Design Consultations in Grass Valley (www.RdesignConsultations.com) has over 20 years knowledge providing pattern consultation/space formulation on an hourly basis. She has been quoted as a pattern consultant in articles for AOL, FoxNews.com, BobVila.com, a National Home Furnishings Assoc., et al. Visit her website to learn some-more or phone 530.362.1339.

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