Sengled Pulse Solo review: You can put a JBL orator in your lamp. Question is, should you?

June 29, 2016 - table lamp

In 2016, a thought of determining a light tuber from your smartphone is aged hat. Controlling pronounced tuber and streaming song to a built-in speakers is, apparently, all a rage. The $59 Sengled Pulse Solo ($43 from Amazon as of this story’s writing) is one such product. Using Sengled’s messenger Android or iOS app, we can control a LED bulb’s liughtness and adjust volume as needed.

So, is a Bluetooth-connected, 550-lumen (50-watt equivalent), dimmable, comfortable white (2700K) LED tuber with an integrated orator we can tide your favorite tunes to all it’s burst adult to be? Kind of.

If you’ve ever altered a lightbulb, you’re already a pro during installing a Pulse Solo. Find a flare with a customary E26 socket—one that’s not tranquil by a dimmer and that can accommodate an A66-format bulb—unscrew a older, reduction able bulb, and reinstate it with a Pulse Solo. Each time it’s incited on, you’ll hear a integrate of beeps indicating a Bluetooth capabilities are active and looking for a connection.

Jason Cipriani

Installing a Sengled Pulse Solo in a flare with a shade can be unpropitious to a speaker’s performance.

Pairing your phone or inscription with a Pulse One follows a customary Bluetooth-pairing procedures as well: Open a Settings app, go to Bluetooth, wait for your device to find a Pulse One’s Bluetooth signal, and bond to it.

Streaming music

I used both an Android and an iOS device to tide song to a Pulse One, with no playback issues. Any Bluetooth tie will apparently shorten we to a service’s limitations, such as stretch and interference, nonetheless as prolonged we as remained in a same room as a Pulse One, playback was fine.

There are twin methods for determining a volume level. First, we can use a volume settings on your device, usually like we always do. As we adjust adult or down, a change is reflected on a Pulse One. Second, and some-more laborious, we can adjust a volume in a Sengled messenger app.

Over my week of regulating a Pulse Solo, we grew undone with carrying to go behind into Bluetooth settings and reconnect to a orator any time we left a room. If a orator relied on a Wi-Fi connection, this disappointment indicate wouldn’t be an issue.

Jason Cipriani

Two JBL drivers incorporated into a tuber yield loyal stereo sound.

I desperately wanted to contend a speakers in a Pulse Solo sounded amazing, with intelligible sound. Unfortunately, notwithstanding a participation of twin JBL drivers, altogether sound peculiarity is lacking. Testing a Pulse Solo in twin opposite lamps with vastly opposite flare shades, we found a altogether sound echoey.

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