Seven Lamps That Pull Double Duty

March 2, 2016 - table lamp

1. Note building flare with list by Blu Dot

The built-in side list is ideal for a wallet and keys or today’s journal and a unbending splash you’ll need after we get by it. $599;

2. Cup flare by Paul Loebach for Umbra Shift

It has a dimming doorknob and a USB port, though let’s be honest: That pencil crater is what’s many sparkling here. $180;

3. Piani flare by Ronan Erwan Bouroullec for Flos

You know when we get home and dump out your pockets all over a place, afterwards can’t find anything? There’s a improved solution, and it involves a tray. $349;

4. Mail LED list flare by Emmanuel Gallina for Forestier 

There are 3 slots—one for bills, one for junk mail, and one for Netflix DVDs, if for some reason you’re still promulgation these behind and forth. $1,094;

5. Aerelight A1 

The builder claims that, even if we run this OLED light for 5 hours a day on a brightest setting, it will final during slightest 10 years but carrying to be replaced! There’s also a charging pad built into a base. $299;

6. Bristol light list easel by Jonathan Adler 

The easel allows for a design of your family. Point a light during a support for a gallery effect—or during your work when they’ve all left to sleep. $550;

7. W152 Busby flare by Industrial Facility for Wästberg 

Don’t let distance and morality dope you: Three ports any supply 3 amps of power, so inclination assign during their fastest rate. $475;

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