SHABBOSLITE Offers Two Innovative Designs to Enhance Your Shabbos

June 23, 2018 - table lamp

With over 40 years of knowledge in a lighting profession, Mark Blechner is a decisive source for all things lighting-related. Blessed with penetrating business astuteness and endless imagination of a industry, he satisfied that LED lighting record and organic unsentimental pattern could be total with halachic capitulation to emanate a ultimate lighting product to raise a oneg Shabbos.

A veteran as good as a ben Torah, Mark set a bar high for himself and his group of experts to move a product to fruition. Every member of SHABBOSLITE® had to belong to a high standards of value — from peculiarity to reserve to halachic approval.

SHABBOSLITE® vast LED list and clip-on indication lamps are made to a top electrical and reserve standards. They have been authorized for use on Shabbos by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin of a Institute for Science and Halacha in Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem and by Rabbi Tzvi Ortner of Halachic Tech USA of Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York. SHABBOSLITE® models will raise your Shabbos lighting needs and are designed to be versatile, functional, user-friendly, and electrically safe.

Intrigued, we asked Mark to report how LED lighting record merges with halachic capitulation in a SHABBOSLITE®.

“The EZ-Slide Shutter™ simulates branch ‘off’ a light,” he explained. “The appetite of a light outlay can also be practiced by shifting a EZ-Slide Shutter™ to a preferred light-blocking position. When totally closed, there is positively no light steam in a room.”

Unique in concept, SHABBOSLITE® was combined with prudent courtesy to any detail, including charity visible comfort during use. The stretchable gooseneck allows a LED light shade to be practiced to approach a light to wherever it is needed, thereby providing a user with a best lighting angle. “Tilt a shade downward for reading and study; lean it laterally for behind lighting, or upwards for soothing ambient night lighting,” Mark advises.

As an innovative courtesy personality with his finger on a beat of cutting-edge technology, Blechner has grown a product so impeccably designed, we will wish to use it, not usually on Shabbos, though all week long! The SHABBOSLITE® list indication is ideal for use during your bedside, in a study, or in a vital room. You can use it during home or when roving — it even has a USB charging pier for your phone or tablet.

“The SHABBOSLITE® has been designed by a company’s professionals regulating imperishable components — from high class cosmetic element to a latest UL and CE listed LED member wiring and FCC listed appetite adapters that have newly designed snap-in worldwide block adapters. The LED chips are of higher class and will not flutter or low over time. LED light is appetite efficient. The LED light source in SHABBOSLITE® provides crisp, splendid light with minimal wattage usage. The EZ-Slide Shutter™ has been tested in a sealed position with a lights on for many uninterrupted days for heat-sink and heat safety. Although vast adequate for versatile duty ability, SHABBOSLITE®table lamps can be folded to a compress distance for easy travel, wise into a transport tote that is enclosed with any unit.”

With summer stay quick entrance and stay offered in full swing, a SHABBOSLITE® clip-on flare indication is a must-have for any camper — as good as for any tyro formulation to spend a entrance year study in Israel. Indeed, it is an essential object for everyone.

Although Mark has been offered list lamps and list lamps, his thought of conceptualizing a SHABBOSLITE® clip-on flare indication took moody during a review with his son-in-law.

“We were deliberating a entire clip-on fans used in summer camp,” Mark recalls. “Why not compare it by conceptualizing a clip-on indication of a SHABBOSLITE®?” Always on a query for uninformed and innovative products, he brought a judgment to fruition, and so was SHABBOSLITE® clip-on indication created, accessible for a summer 2018 stay season.

SHABBOSLITE® is splendid adequate to review or learn by during a bedside, in guest rooms, on a table, or nearby a self-centredness in a hotel room, or summer camp, and is soothing adequate to be used as an ambient nightlight in a child’s room. Additionally, SHABBOSLITE® is functional, permitting a light to be destined to a specific place of choice. The SHABBOSLITE®design simulates a light being incited off or dimmed. Designed for worldwide use, SHABBOSLITE® will be your ultimate “in genuine time” Shabbos messenger anytime and anywhere.

The SHABBOSLITE® list and clip-on models have a following features:

• 120-240V UL and CE listed worldwide appetite adapter

• 110V and 230V transmutable block adapters are enclosed for worldwide use

• A USB wire powers a section from your laptop or desktop (SHABBOSLITE® clip-on version)

• Crisp white LED light that is easy on a eyes for reading

• Multiple light settings for opposite lumen light turn outputs

• 3 hold dimmer settings (SHABBOSLITE® list flare version)

• High-low switch settings (SHABBOSLITE® clip-on version)

• USB pier charges your phone or inscription even when a flare is incited off (SHABBOSLITE® list version)

• Sturdy 2-wide hold steel clamp (SHABBOSLITE® clip-on version)

• Handy transport bag included

Providing a engorgement of lighting possibilities, SHABBOSLITE® is a ideal present for any occasion, be it a simcha, graduation, hospitality, thank-you, housewarming, or dorm gift. Simply stated, it is a singular and most appreciated approach to present family, friends — and even yourself.

For serve information, greatfully impute to a SHABBOSLITE® ad on page 15.

 By Rochelle Maruch Miller/Reprinted with permission


Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for a Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, artistic media consultant, lecturer, and educator, and writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She welcomes your comments during This email residence is being stable from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to perspective it..

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