Six replaced after glow nearby Torrey Pines, Vegas Drive

February 11, 2015 - table lamp

LAS VEGAS (KSNV – Six people were replaced Monday night after their northwest Las Vegas home held fire, according to a news recover from Las Vegas Fire Rescue.

No one was harmed during a incident. The means of a glow is undetermined.

Dispatchers perceived countless 9-1-1 calls only before 10:20 p.m. Monday that a residence on a 1400 retard of Canyon Rose Way, nearby Torrey Pines and Vegas, had glow entrance out an upstairs window. As crews left their stations, they could see a mainstay of smoke.

When firefighters arrived complicated abandon and fume were entrance out a window of an upstairs bedroom. The occupants of a residence were means to shun but injury. Firefighters went inside a residence and had a glow out in reduction than 10 minutes.

The glow gutted a bedroom and caused complicated feverishness and fume repairs to a upstairs. The downstairs had a complicated fragrance of fume and some H2O damage. Damage was estimated during $90,000.

The means of a glow is undetermined. Fire repairs was so heated in a bedroom, it done it formidable to establish a accurate cause. Two teenagers share a room; one of them told glow investigators he went into a bedroom and saw glow on a tiny list subsequent to a bed that had a flare on it. He had no thought what could have caused a fire.

The area where a flare and list was in a room was destroyed.

The American Red Cross is aiding those displaced.

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