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August 7, 2015 - table lamp

Interested in adding a nautical hold to your décor though not a fan of a standard smart designs?

Try adding accent pieces that will supplement a coastal feel. You don’t have to live by a H2O to suffer a demeanour and feel of a sea. Here are few tips on how to emanate your possess character by pattern, texture, color, furnishings and accessories.

Stripes are one approach to supplement a infrequent nautical demeanour to a space. Sailor stripes, ticking stripes, far-reaching two-tone stripes and multi-color stripes can all be incorporated into a nautical pattern by opposite uses and combinations.

Finding impulse is always a initial step in a thesis design. A tiny dais with a country iron support wrapped in a healthy fiber wire adds hardness to a space.

Upholster in a navy and white soldier ribbon fabric for a classical accent piece. Staying loyal to a nautical style, adding soothing blues, whites and reds will emanate a confidant and frail nautical design.

Unique accent chairs upholstered in a multi-color a ribbon fabric concede for some-more tone options in your design. If a lighter, softer feel is desired, an choice choice to a confidant nautical demeanour would be a softer some-more relaxing design. Choosing shades of blue, bullion and sea potion immature in a chair’s upholstery opens a doorway for additional musical pieces in a space. Choosing a wall tone from this mufti-color ribbon multiple would be easy. Benjamin Moore’s Pale Daffodil 2017-60 would supplement a light flattering yellow heat to a room.

Adding accent pieces such as side tables and consoles with a unsettled embellished finish or reclaimed timber will supplement a soothing sea potion sea feel. Texture is a contingency when formulating a coastal design. Adding a healthy jute carpet to a building will belligerent a seating area and move a feel of silt underneath your feet. Next supplement engaging lighting to a pattern plan. As boaters know, a accumulation of knots are used to tie adult a boat. The Monkey Fist tangle is used as a weight on a complicated line. Sailor knots can be used as accessories in a coastal design. Trending is this Monkey Fist list flare that would continue to move hardness from a floor’s jute carpet into a seating area of a space.

Next would be to supplement pattern to a walls. This would be a easiest charge in completing your coastal room. Staying with a thesis of blues, yellows, golds and sea potion immature would contrariety easily and gaunt towards a softer some-more relaxing side of a tone spectrum in coastal design.

Coastal or nautical pattern can be smart though if finished rightly it can be stylish and classical with a relaxing feel.

Debbe Daley, owners of Debbe Daley Designs and RAW Furnishings, is an interior engineer with some-more than 25 years of knowledge as a veteran interior redesigner, stylist, stager, tutor and plan manager. Follow her blog during She also blogs during

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