‘spare’ table/floor flare – final of a lightbulbs

July 15, 2016 - table lamp

Product Description

One light-bulb burns, a other light-bulbs duty as a lampshade, diffusing and swelling a light. The blazing tuber will light adult a other bulbs. When a tuber is burnt out: simply screw a lamp-holder on to an other bulb.
Part of a design-collection of: ‘DESIGN MUSEUM GENT’ in Belgium.


Because of a new discipline for light-bulbs, ‘SPARE’ is re-designed for a future: build with 25 classical transparent light-bulbs and 1 transparent LED-bulb that looks only like a classical bulb. Now we can select to let a classical tuber or a LED-bulb burn..After +/- 75 years all a bulbs are burnt up. In a few years,when there are no unchanging bulbs left anywhere, we will still suffer a light of your ‘SPARE’ bulbs.


material : 25 transparent potion light-bulbs +1 potion LED tuber 4 watt. 150 lumen. 220V. + E27 lamp-holder +2 scale wire + euro-plug. (220 to 110 volt adapter giveaway of assign on request)
dimensions: normal;26x26x26 cm. / 10,2×10,2×10,2 inch

source ⦿ http://www.designboom.com/shop/design/spare-tablefloor-lamp-last-of-the-lightbulbs-plankton-07-15-2016/

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