State College, PA – Man Faces Burglary, Assault Charges

May 29, 2017 - table lamp

A New Jersey male is confronting transgression and misconduct charges after military contend he caused repairs in a State College residence, knocked a proprietor comatose and pennyless in after being told not to come back.

According to a rapist censure filed Friday, a proprietor during an Adams Avenue chateau reported to State College Police on Apr 23 that dual friends — Christopher Cunalata-Castella, 21, of Long Branch, N.J., and Michael Tamayo, of Ocean, N.J. — had been visiting for several days though began causing difficulty on Apr 22 when they returned from a Blue-White Game and started being bold and confrontational.

Police pronounced Cunalata-Castella and Tamayo afterwards proceeded to means repairs to a residence, violation a coffee table, flare and other items, punching holes in a walls, outstanding doors and deleterious sleet gutters.

The dual group left to go to a bar and while they were left a proprietor and his roommates motionless not to concede them behind into a house. After putting their effects in Tamayo’s vehicle, a proprietor left records on a doors to a chateau revelation them they weren’t acquire back.

After Cunalata-Castella and Tamayo returned from a bar and began knocking on a door, a proprietor met them on a porch and told them they were not acquire back. Cunalata-Castella afterwards allegedly punched a proprietor in a face, knocking him comatose for about 10 seconds. The proprietor after perceived diagnosis during Mount Nittany Medical Center. He told military he suffered a concussion, torn mouth and teenager injuries.

Later that night, Cunalata-Castella returned to a chateau and began banging on a front door, according to a complaint. After being told he wasn’t welcome, he afterwards went to a behind doorway and attempted violation in, deleterious a potion window and wooden support of a door, military said.

He afterwards allegedly went to a resident’s bedroom window, shop-worn and private a window shade and crawled into a chateau by a window.

Police were called and, according to a complaint, officers beheld dual of Cunalata-Castella’s fingers were lacerated. He reportedly told them he incidentally cut them personification with a knife. Police pronounced they celebrated blood from his injuries on a front doorway and on a bedroom window sill and handle.

Cunalata-Castella was charged on Friday with transgression thievery and rapist tamper and misconduct elementary assault, rapist effect – repairs to property, and fast endangering another person. He was arraigned before District Judge Steven Lachman with unsecured bail set during $25,000.

Tamayo was charged with misconduct rapist effect – repairs to skill and arraigned around summons.

Preliminary hearings for both group are scheduled for Jun 21.

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